First time in Ibiza...hopefully not my last



One quick the club scene at night dressy, or is it more casual? I keep hearing mixed things, and don't want to be left in the dark...Personally, I would prefer to go paint myself in silver and nude... :evil:
Also, I hear you should buy your tickets during the day (on the beach somewhere) for the clubs you want to go to at make it easier...thanks to all... :D
cool thanks...and do you buy your tickets during the day for the clubs at night to save time...thanks!
I buy mine in bars before I go to the clubs, at any time...... 8)
Take some socks for night time tho ...

One like these will be perfect ... they get ya into those "special" places!
Tony! Tsk .. Nope! Still here!

Saturday .. 11.59pm ... think of me !

Am having a night on here tonight as Mike is working late ...

silver and nude sounds good. not my style but sounds good.

tickets can be brought in the day for the event or from the record shops around ibiza or from the pre party bars before the event.

as for dress, going for comfort helps. but you can go as exotic as you like it each to their own. i guess it also depends on the night you are attending i.e gatecrasher, cream my get a lot of cyber kibs. manumission my get people dressing for the theme.