First time in Ibiza… Help needed!!


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Hi all,
I am new on this Forum. After 10 years of dreaming about it, we finally decide to go this summer. I will be 30 years old by the end of summer, so it is now or never :twisted: Because we live in Canada this week will be very expensive, it would probably be the only time we’ll go to the Island. We really hope this will be the time of our lives. We plan to go one week somewhere between the 24th of July and the 6th August. Here is our clubbing plan:
Monday: Tiesto at Privilege
Tuesday: Armin at Amnesia
Thursday: PvD at Amnesia
We would also like to try Space and Pacha. What are the best nights to go? What are your suggestions for Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights? Is Eden, El divino and Es Paradise are worth a visit?
Where to stay? This is a big question!! I would like to be in a central location where it’s easy to visit the whole Island. I would also like to be in the centre of action with peoples about the same ages. Playa d’en bossa seems a bit far if you mostly plan to go to the big club and San An. San Antoni look like to place to be for the 18-25. Look like Spring Break in Florida. Ibiza town seems charming and well located. That’s my perception am I right?
Please give me some advice or suggestion to help us having the best trip of our lives!!
Thanks a lot!!
as far as location goes - its a small island and you can get around very easily. Taxis are plentiful but not too cheap for frequent use. The islands bus system is excellent and the buses run between San An and Ibiza Town with stops at Privilege and Amnesia

if you are put off by San Antonio then Playa d'en Bossa might be a better option - or even along in Figueretas which will be more chilled and closer to Ibiza Town. Possibly San Antonio Bay would be better for you as its walking distance to the hectic San An Town but far enough away to be able to have a relaxing time between clubbing

Eden is ok, getting better nights each year
Es Paradis doesn't get the really big nights but is a beautiful club
El Divino is a lovely small club (compared to the rest) but is losing its big nights too

i'd recommend

Wed - Subliminal @ Pacha
Sun - We Love... @ Space
Fri - Wonderland @ Eden
Sat - Defected @ Pacha

but there are still events to be announced so watch the confirmed section and the calendar
Deffo check out the sunset strip a couple of times. Its in san-an but seems to keep away from the younger beer crowd and has some really nice bars and places to eat. Very chilled out and relaxed, nice place to begin an evening.

At such an advanced age..:lol: I reckon Figueretas is for you.
You don't say what sort of accom you want,but seem to have an interest in Ibiza town,there is not much tourist accom in the town itself (unless you want to pay lots) but Figueretas is next door.

Given your clubbing schedule and desire to visit Space and Pacha, Figueretas is ideal..

San An can be a bit 18-25, but there is a lot more to the place..

PDB I find bit 'spring break' in July-August.
Thanks a lot for your comments.

We don't plan to spend a lot of time in our accomodation... only go there to sleep. We are looking for something clean... a gym could be a plus. We're not very picky at least we need to be able to sleep. i.e. not close to an after hour!

The reason why I have an interest in Ibiza town is because it is very central. I would like to visit as much as I can. It also looks to be the place to be at night. Where is the best place to have a diner and pre-party, Ibiza town or Sant An? Howerver Ibiza town is overpriced. I found Hotel El puerto to be price fairly and it seems to be well located. Is it a nice place to stay?

Between Playa d'en bossa and Sant An, Sant An seems to be definitevely more interesting. Unless your are a Space and Bora Bora fan...

I take note of the clubbing recommandation. What about the foam party in Amnesia? Is it an insane night?;)

I have one more question... I have always dreamed to see the sunrise in Ibiza while enjoying the beat in Amnesia. Now with the "official" closing at 6:00am, is it something that I would be able to enjoy during my holiday knowing that the sunrise is more around 7:00 at this time of the year?
Thanks again!

I wouldn't worry about location being central if you are in either of

San Antonio
San Antonio Bay
Playa D'en Bossa

they are all within 20-30 mins of each other and the transport options are good
Thanks macdonsj, I previously thought that it was more like 45-60mins with the traffic. I agree with you then... being central is less a concern.

What about the pre-party (6pm-3am) ambiance of those different locations?
Thanks macdonsj, I previously thought that it was more like 45-60mins with the traffic. I agree with you then... being central is less a concern.

What about the pre-party (6pm-3am) ambiance of those different locations?

the 30mins is via taxi - they drive like mental people
San An seems to get the most preparties
but a fairly quick bus trip to there will be fine and the discobuses will take you to the main clubs easily

an apartments to look at is the Bahia in San Antonio Bay (next to the old windmill)
been there twice, its:

1. close enough to walk to the "action" in San An
2. far enough away to be quiet
3. clean, nice pool, decent sized rooms
4. has a gym under it

i think they are part of the THB group

Id recomend hiring a car if you want to explore a little , best thing i did on my last trip

a good point if you are looking beyond clubbing and want to see the rest of the island