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Here's my review of my first experience of the party island:

Wednesday 21st August.....woke up at 3am and got to Manchester airport with the rest of the rabble - 6 amigos ready to party. Sank 4 Stellas to get us in the mood and enjoyed a cracking flight to Ibiza. Couldn't get into our apartments for an hour so chilled by the pool with a few San Miguels. The apartments were basic but clean, not surprising with the ritual bombardment of maids everyday, which sounds good in practise but when you've had a few hours can imagine. Having read the advice on this website about the cost of drinks in the clubs we fired down some Smirnoff before we ventured out. (Highly recommended). Took a taxi straight to Mambo and I was instantly impressed. I'd been expected the beach bars to be somehow dingy affairs but that couldn't be further from the truth. The venue is class, the music is class and the people are class. Having sampled the quality chill-out bass experience of Mambo and having a funny chat with Brandon Block ('Ave it Mr B) in the bogs, we purchased tickets for Pacha at 38 euros each (50 on the door) and headed off to our first club of the week. Now I've been in some clubs around this country in my time but never has my jaw dropped like it did on entering Pacha. I died and gone to heaven, even if it did cost 8 euros for a bottle of water! Fat Boy Slim played a blinding set, including the anthem of the holiday.."At night" by Shakedown (Kid Crème mix). I have to say that there was a huge contingent of locals in the club but the majority were very pleasant and created a great vibe. Left earlyish at 5am as it had been a long day and it was only the first night. Outside, there was a queue trying to get in, longer than a ride at Alton Towers in peak season....mad. :eek:

Took a look at Bar M on the sea front and instantly became hooked on the whole feel of this bar. With dancers and fire eaters in trees, excellent tunes and competitive beer prices, you can't help but love the place. It would became a regular haunt for the rest of the week. We strolled along the front to sample the West End. Now for those who don't know, this is where Ibiza Uncovered takes place and it's easy to see why. Free drinks ahoy at every direction. Obviously we had to sample one or ten - it would be rude not to. My thoughts are that if you want a cheap night out, want to pull and are not to bothered about the standard of venue or music then this is the place for you. We sampled it but it wasn't for us. After harassing an angelic worker from Amnesia, who was on her way home to sleep (which was a pity), she suggested that if we were after funky house (a personal favourite), we should slide over to The Underground. This club is situated not too far from Manumission and feels like it's in the middle of nowhere. To say the place wasn't busy would be an understatement...saying that the music was the dogs and the laid back groove was well received. Add a seriously crazy bongo player to deep funky music and you have something that you just have to experience, it's as simple as that. This place is virtually unknown to most people I spoke to over there but it will take off, believe me. 8am we retreated, totally knackered, back to the apartments.

Once again headed for the Beach Bars past the West End, having being on the Power Shandies and took on the delights of Mambo, Cafe Del Mar and Savannah. Gorgeous places full of gorgeous people married with the best chill out tracks I have ever heard anywhere. Before we went to our next club, we sampled the Funky Room at Savannah....all I can say is, if you like funky house and you're in Ibiza, get your ass down there. Yes it's a small room but the Resident DJ there plays the best tunes you will hear, in an atmosphere straight out of Austin Powers love nest. Next stop Es Paradis. It has to be said that the club is beautiful and is immaculately kept with marble domes, pillars and hedges strewn all ovr the place.....atmosphere wise though.....not very good :cry: . Probably because there didn't seem to be enough people in the place to create that all important feeling of belonging. I know it's the biggest club, that's all well and good but you need a crowd to get the punters coming back for more. We made the best of it though and the tunes were quite hard as I seem to remember which, although I can listen to, wouldn't be a preference. Left with a smile on my face so it can't have been that bad!

Bar M was the first stop to soak up some much needed party atmosphere. We knew we were going to go to Judgement Sunday at Eden the next day with the option of Space to follow, so we we'd thought we had better take it easy both in the cash sense and the fatigue sense. Sunday was going to be a long day. With this in mind we headed to the Funky Room at Savannah.....when a procession of Britney Spears look-alikes in full school uniform marched past heading to Skool Disco at Eden :eek: . For a laugh (honestly) a few of us went to check it out to see how much it was and what was going down...easy. 48 euros and you had to wear a tie, which you had to buy and keep on!! That was quite off putting, so I quizzed some of the girls coming out early at to what they thought of it. In my brief survey 99% said it was crap. End of. Headed back to Savannah to get jiggy in the Funky Room, only to meet 2 absolute goddesses and some bloke who owned a huge cruiser moored just offshore, opposite Cafe Del Mar.....the bloke was a star, especially when we had a dance off to Young Mc's "I got know how". Stayed until about 6ish and went home all funked out.

The day we had all been looking forward to since we got to the Isle, Judgement Sunday. As we were already big Judge Jules fans, we were wired as could be for what was going to transpire. I think I'd overdid the V and O's, as it would have a serious effect on my memory towards the latter hours. Of what I recall, the layout of Eden is your conventional club, which I thought helped the feeling of belonging, which was so missing in Es Paradis. The crowd was buzzing and the pumping house was breath taking. 6 euros for a San Miguel was refreshing too. We had it large in the main room for a few hours and then predictably set up home in the funky lounge. The discs were flying and the feet could not keep still for a second. This was pure happiness and if I could have bottled the feeling, I'd have sold it for millions. If the buzz was at it's peak, it was about to go into orbit, as the great man himself - JJ entered the stage from the main arena accompanied by a sax player of some note. I've never witness a saxophonist cutting it with a superstar DJ before but man it was frightening how good it sounded. One of the best nights I've had clubbing since the Hacienda closed it's doors, it was that good :lol: . After he'd finished, the night became a bit of a blur and rather hazy!! Needless to say the Space idea would have to wait.

It was Monday and there was only one place the Ibiza virgins had to visit - Manumission at Privilege. Bar M was the place to go for tickets and we forked out 48 euros which included free transportation to the club via coach.....(which was rammed by the time we set off) and entrance to space for just 6 euros! Stepping off the coach was like entering the set of Jurassic Park as we walked through some huge gates and all you could hear was the boom-boom of the bass emanating from the club, half expected T-Rex to lerch out from the undergrowth! We had been warned that you weren't allowed to take cameras into Manumission prior to leaving (though many people managed to smuggle them in easy enough) and we entered the club. My initial thought was that this place is huge and very, very hot. The one major plus point of clubbing in the clubs over there is that most of them are extremely well air-conditioned and keep you remarkably dry. In the main room of Privilege it's bloody hot. Couldn't help but laugh at the huge red British telephone box and trapeze artists flying overhead. Had a quick scout around and tried to catch some of the show at the far end of the club. Wacky isn't the word, it has to be seen to be believed. If I was to describe it I'd be here for eternity. Just think, latex, naked women, strange outfits and even stranger looking make-up you will get the picture. Being newbies we queued up for a decade to go into the dome which thought would be another dance auditorium, only to find out that it was a chill-out room. One piece of advice before you go walking about is to take a good look at the free map you get on entrance as you won't make the same mistake we did. Not funny stuttering up a staircase for most of the night I can tell you. Again there was a funky room with some half decent tracks being spun and a resident bongo player to boot. I can remember looking outside at 7.30am and looking at the daylight and we were still 'avin 8am we were beginning to feel the pace and decided to call it a day. Ate a much needed extortionate stale ham and cheese sandwich from a stall outside the club and tried to motivate the troops for Space. Unfortunately we had a couple of MIA's and one definite KIA amongst our ranks. It wasn't looking good, Space was shelved due to our unexpected fatigue. Jumped on a local bus and headed home contemplating what might have been.

After it had hammered it down all day, the clouds finally cleared for 3 of us to witness the sunset outside Cafe Del Mar and savoured the eerie, yet warm feeling overcoming the crowd packed onto the beach. Another Ibiza only experience as far as I'm concerned. After a customary last day curry we headed to Savannah's Funky Room for a last taste and to take a last look at the beauty of the beach bars. As our bus was due to pick us up at 8.20 am and as it was around 4am, we had a choice between Eden or Es Paradis. No contest - Eden every time. One problem. It was God's Kitchen night and they wanted 48 euros to get in, even after we pleaded it was our last night and would only be in for 4 hours. With budgets running dry we had to stumble across the road to Es Paradis and the water party for 36 euros. The music was extremely hard house and the strobe lights were making us dizzy. It was only half full too, which didn't help.....the only redeeming factor was the moment when Yeke Yeke boomed through the speakers and everyone went mental....or was that just me? At 7.45 am we thought we had better leave or we would miss the coach to the airport. Although it wasn't the best night of our week, I still felt gutted that I was actually leaving.

To sum up, I've been on a fair few holidays around the world and seen many things but none has touched me quite the way Ibiza had in the space of only 1 week. The clubs were spot on, even if it wasn't as busy as last year (allegedly). Ok the drinks are far too expensive but I was expecting much worse and if you follow some of the advice on this site you can get around this problem quite easily. The music is first class, as you would expect with the DJ line-ups that are resident on the Isle. A visit to the beach bars are a must, as is the Funky Room at Savannah. It was that good, we have already agreed to go back next year for 10 or 14 nights....mainly because there is so much to see and do that 7 nights just isn't enough. With Amnesia, El Divino and Space booked into our itinerary for next year, we can't wait to go back. Sorry for such a long piece and apologies to any of those I have bored senseless but if you have been to Ibiza, you will know that this is just a mere snippet of what you can expect to experience.....until next year.....'Ave it Mr B!! :D
Dr Fox ...... superb review .... i wish it was my 1st year so i had all you have to look forwrd to next year.....
ive been four times and ive still got plenty to do which i havent...
maybe in 2 year though

great words anyhow ......
Cheers lads, I was glad I'd visited this site before I travelled as it gave us some top tips and little insight of what to expect when we got there. Obviously my review might be the complete opposite of someone else's that was there at the same time, but that's personnal choice I guess.
The good news is that we'll be booking for next year come October. I can't really put my finger on why I was so intrigued with the place and am so desperate to go back. I've been to the States, most of the Spanish islands and Greek ones but have never had the same feelings. Wierd really.

Any advice on what to make a "must see or do" next year?
well Dr F...from my experiences on the island these are musts

Cocoon@Amnesia on mondays
Space on sundays
subliminal sessions on wed@Pacha
Bora Bora beach in playa den bossa - any day- sundays best
Ibiza town for pre-drinks
dine at the Kasbah, san an next to kanya, wait till u see the size of the burgers.... and also dine at Tijuana Tex Mex just off the west end...... food is bang on
avoid the west end... as i think u were anyhow....

and basically thats my highlights ...... ive done all the other club nights over the years, i dislike eden and es paradis beacuse of too many beer boys ..... manumission is a circus.....
i should mention el divino also a must ... i had a great night
at Dave seamans 4:4 ...

my main objectives are to see more of the island next time..

till next time Dr.... over and out