first there was ipod shuffle, then was ipod shuffle again, then we had ipod shuffle..


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.......again and then we had ipod shuffle again and then....yes you get the idea.....

now encounter itunes shuffle, exactly the same thing only in the comfort of your own home and with bass.

barry white - playing your game
roots manuva - witness
n.w.a. - express yourself
delirium - silence (original)
al green - light my fire
hybrid - wide eyed angel
gipsy king - a mí manera
donna summer - melody of love
tigerskin - peter' secret weapon
beatles - taxman
anthony collins - reeves
sigur ros - glósóli

(if you wanna know how i remembered, i just pressed rewind button and voila!!)
You think? I thought my personality was so wonderful just because ;)

actually, the real problem is the missus doesn't let me play music out loud when she's home ("breaks her concentration" :rolleyes:). And i have no desire to sit around my own house in headphones. I'll try your challenge this weekend when she goes out somewhere.
why anyone would prefer the album/playlist over the shuffle is beyond me.

firstly there is the intrigue, what comes next na'body doth know
second comes the mishmash, sometimes stop sometimes go,
third is the weird, the rare tracks that leave you at a loss
but best of all is when you jump from elvis to sigur ros

don't like shuffle = "charisma of an apple" personality
Maybe (all except the apple comment), but sometimes you want to listen to a particular set of songs, or more importantly, a full album in the sequence the artist intended. Or a dance mix, for that matter. Nothing wrong with that!
Basically I'm not really addicted to Apple stuffs, by my honest point of view "it's all about the style".

I had an Ipod shuffle but it doesn't work anymore.
So I bought a Creative Zen that seems to be more reliable
I fricking hate iTunes, it really is rubbish.

don't listen to it then :lol:

hear what you say greggers....only issue is that some albums are louder than others so every now and then you have to jump up to turn the sound down....invariably the 1st few bars of "communication breakdown"by led zep!!:eek:

however this morning was great:

My Kingdom- Echo & the bunnymen
Fade away - oasis
New dawn fades - joy division
all i want is you - roxy music
kevin carter - manics
dennis & lois - happy mondays
spooky - new order
my superman - santo gold
Hudson People - Trip To Your Mind
Chemical Brothers - The Pills Wont Help You Now
Future Sound Of London - Papa New Guinea (Dumd Child Of Q Mix)
Urban Cookie Collective - The Key, The Secret
Dr Dre - Let Me Ride
Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots
Basement Jaxx - Romeo (acoustic)
Yazz - The Only Way Is Up
Al - Green - Tired Of Being Alone
The Emotions - So I Can Love You