First Rent A Car - Problems with deposit


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We hired a car in April from First Rent A Car by the Marina in Ibiza Town but are having problems getting the 300 Euro deposit returned to us (they are not responding to call or emails).

I was wondering if anyone had used them and if you had any problems getting back your deposit.

you booked this on line i take it.or did you visit there paid with your card.get on to your bank to check and sort this out for you.
the way i used to do it before i got to know a good hire shop.was you had a slip with your deposit on.when you return the car they rip it you was all square.what card was it visa ?.
Thanks for the replies.

Husband managed to make contact with them today and they will "allegedly" put money back in bank within 24 hours.

If we had seen website wouldn't have touched them with a barge pole however office looked fine and all paperwork etc looked legit!

We will just wait and see.....and use a reputable co. next time!!
A crap looking website and not answering emails is quite normal practice in Spain but is gradually changing. Just try to keep in mind that things are not done the same was as in the UK so try not to panic too soon.