Final perfection.....


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Phew.. I really mean it this time. This really really was my best trip to the island. :)

After another hefty journey (bloody hell WHY does Africa have to be so far away?), my lost baggage became the last thing on my mind as I exited the airport to be met by good friends. SO good to see them...We got settled into the apartment and embarked on a regular grocery shopping trip which turned into us playing silly buggers in the supermarket and having a laugh, then on to Tentazione for a DIVINE dinner with fab hosts and great company. Ahhh so good to be back. With Space closing on the cards the next day, we all retired quite early to make sure we were fully recharged for the mayhem that ensued.

Woke to massive excitement in the air and despite the enormous clouds, a very clever aeroplane made it to the island carrying my baggage! :) :) :) YAY! Ibiza has a funny way of making sure that everything works out! ;)

It was Honi's first party in Ibiza ever so needless to say there was a lot of hype and anticipation. I won't go on and on about it, but there was really something special about dancing in the rain once we'd all decided that it couldn't do any harm! Lots of smiles, everyone drenched but nobody cared! We made endless roofs of plastic with the "emergency ponchos" being thrown into the crowd and for hours on end we danced and smiled and played the fool with the little paper bits that kept falling out of the sky. :)
I've never been good at making judgement on music etc at parties because generally, even if the music isn't all that great, as long as you've got a good crowd of people and you're all making the most out of it, it's never that bad! And that was exactly the case at Space closing! Loved every minute of it.

With very little sleep (some had none at all) we made it to Cocoon closing. Lots of rain and pushing and shoving in the queue outside just to prepare us for the sweaty squashy conditions inside. Most of us stayed on the terrace the entire time... and what a fantastic night! Better than i would ever have imagined and the fact that it just went on for hours longer than we expected just added to the already incredible vibe! (Honi might disagree but she did manage to stay 'til the end despite not having slept for about 56 hours).
When Black's "Wonderful Life" oozed out of the speakers, I thought I was going to burst from a feeling I'd really never experienced before. WOW! :D:!::!::!:

Never been a big fan of walking out of a club into blazing sunshine but seeing the satisfaction on everyone's faces ouside made it totally bearable this time. We dropped into bed mid-afternoon for a couple of hours before Honi left Ibiza that evening feeling exactly how one should feel on one's first trip to the island - irritable and totally frazzled!!!!!!!! Good going girl! I hope it didn't scare you away for ever (I highly doubt that!) :) :) :)

Wednesday was spent on the Miaplacidus with superb friends, delicious food and a whole lot of fun sailing out from Blue Marlin to Formentera and back. What a treat! We arrived at Ushuaia by yacht - how totally and utterly decadent is that??! Great night there although I guess we were all still feeling a little bit exhausted, so not such a late one and after a bite to eat we all retired for some rest.

A visit to Ibiza isn't complete for me without a nice little lie on the beach at Sa Trinxa. Our rather extended group of friends all met up there the next day and we had a lovely chilled time. I even had a swim (usually only swim here at home if it's over 40 degrees C as I really hate the cold)! Back on the yacht for a mellow trip around to Talamanca in the late evening. Another splendid meal and great conversations on the boat and a few Italian lessons thrown in for good measure. :)
The plan was to go to Monza closing but I wasn't feeling all that great and chose to head home for a good night's rest.

Woke in the night with high fevers and felt like absolute ****e! I somehow dragged myself to the pharmacy in the morning and next thing I was at the doctor getting a rather painful injection and some antibiotics and other medication for a savage chest infection. Ughh... I was so disappointed but if I was going to get sick, it really did come at the best time as I didn't have any massive plans until Amnesia closing. Still, despite feeling like a dead dog, I managed to have a little dance at the Monza afterparty at Sands, another few hours at Sa Trinxa and a dinner with a few friends at Shardana but I really tried hard to take it easy.

Beep beep... beep beep... beep beep. YAY!!!

I've never been so excited to hear my alarm go off!!! 5am Sunday morning - time to get ready for Amnesia closing. The troops gathered for coffees and breakfast in Ibiza Town, and we made our way to the club.
Whoa. :) :) :) ....The music was beyond great, the vibe was as electric as an African thunderstorm, the people I was with were the BEST party people on Earth, and I was the happiest clubber I've ever been. I experienced emotions that I can't really explain.. but you'll know what I mean if you were there. I've read a lot and been told by many people how great this party is, but nothing could have prepared me. I never ever wanted it to end!!
But it did and at 3:30pm we walked out of there and across that bridge over the highway (another experience all on it's own). hee hee
Had about 37 seconds to get ready for Ushuaia closing and just when I thought the day couldn't possibly get any better - it did!
I know the music probaby wasn't the best etc etc, but WOW... I had such a fun night dancing with my feet (sometimes not that firmly) planted in the sand. Awesome friends around, a beautiful moon rising over the ocean, happy people everywhere... honestly, what more can you want????? Ice cream? Well, they had that covered too!

I left there saturated with the knowledge that I'd probably had the best ever party day of my life.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)

Monday was a rest day - I slept a lot and started getting some things together as I knew Circo Loco was coming up and I had a really early flight on the Wednesday morning. Went to friends for dinner - awesome evening with special people!

Tuesday arrived quickly and by 1pm we were in the carpark at DC10. Sigh - it felt sooooo good!! Walked inside and just took it all in... and for me it really had that same special feeling that I remember from previous visits to the place, the last one being in 2007, despite the mixed opinions I'd heard leading up to it. I really think that the nature of the crowds in Ibiza at the time made it such a success that day. It wasn't packed and it just seemed to be full of people who were genuinely happy that it was open and I got a sense that everyone felt very lucky to be a part of it. Including me!! A really fun filled and awesome day!

Sometime around 10pm we were allowed passouts so it was back to the car for some bananas and beer and to collect the dressing up stuff that had been bought for the occasion, but I suddenly decided it would be a good idea to go home instead of going back in. So i did. :( :( :(

I left in tears, not so much because I wasn't going back to the party, but because I was saying goodbye to a bunch of people that are firmly engrained in my heart forever, to people who really made my 5th (and final - hahahaha) trip to Ibiza a gazillion times better than I could ever have imagined. I feel part of a family there and I owe my fantastic memories to Honi, Raoul, Leenken and Antony, Stivi, Jessica, Grego, Eleonora and Francesco, Matt and Nat, Woody, Spencer and friends, Julien, The English contingent, Luca and Alesandro, Domenico, Vanessa and Timo, Fusion and all the others that featured somewhere in this most incredible adventure.

Thanks guys and THANK YOU IBIZA!!!!