Hey guys my first post!!
i would like to ask if anyone has recently stayed at teh mira mola appartments in figurettus?? i stayed in them 2years ago and found them wonderfull right near the places we wanted to be. But how are the appartments now? im coming back to ibiza in August and hopefully stopping at the mira mola again. This is a real important question i am with the nationwide bank and i was wondering if any has been to figurettus and used a cash machine? is there any cash machines there? i really need to know this because i dont wanna take like £1000 cash i would rarther draw it out when i need it. ohh and anyone checked out the IRISH bar in playa den bossa in 2002? how was it i hope the band still play there?? i fell in love with that place the moment i went!! and im dam sure im going this year especially for my 18th birthday!!!! so if any you guys got any responces for my questions or any advice for 4 18yr olds going to the mira mola appartments sometime bettween 15-18th august to 1-2nd september? please reply

Welcome Danny!

From other posts i've read there are plenty of cash machines. You wan't have a problem.

Have fun!! :)