I think thats how you spell it - anyone ever stayed there. Staying there this year - drove through it before - dosen't seem to be much it but ideally placed being right between the town and playa den bossa. Any one ever stayed at the Lido Fiesta Apartments? Any info?
It's not a bad place but you will probably want to head to Salinas (bus/car)or Bossa (which is about 20 min walk) during the day. As a resort there are quite a few family hotels along the plaza and the beash is OK but nothing special. A few pubs along there and one verry small and 100% cheezy club there too. It's more like the outskirts of Evissa than a resort it's self (save the short plaza along the beach) and it's walkable to the town center too. There are a few internet cafes and bars a few blocks in from the beach front too and the infamous Blue Rose (which is opposite the police station, LOL - or one strip club is anyways). There is also a laundry and some pizza/burger places too if that floats your boat at mealtime. Hope that helps :)
Alright K-eat mate, reckon your stalking me. I posted a Figuretas mail yesterday, am gonna stay there in September. You from Dublin??
I stayed in Figueretas in '01, the area was cool as far as location is concerned. I also enjoyed heading out to the beach for pick up volley ball games.
figueretas is cool - it is walking distance to ibiza town, it has its own small beach (ibiza town doesn't) and lots of nice cafés along the promenade.

it is also very 'local' and has a lot more spanish flair than most resorts.

you can also catch a ferry to formentera and d'en bossa - cool way to arrive at bora bora ;-)
Quote "Alright K-eat mate, reckon your stalking me. I posted a Figuretas mail yesterday, am gonna stay there in September. You from Dublin??"

Yeah i'm from Dublin - a North side Finglas boy. Wat about yourself?
A ferry from figuerettas to Bossa ! that would probably take longer than walking, would be a nice journey along the coast though.
Hey K-eat, I'm a from the not so Wild West, Lucan. When are you going to Figureatas? I'm going fr the closing parties. U going to spirit tonight? Should be a blinder...
i'm going for the opening parties - leave on 20th June.

Didn't know it was tickets only for Morillo tonite - a mate told me you could pay at the door muppet. Just rang ticket master and they've about 20 left - gonna run up at lunch and try get a couple. If they're gone when I get there - i'll have to settle for Derrick Carter in the RB. Heard he's wicked so I don't mind.

Did you see Morillo in the POD last year - it was the best nite of clubbing last year by a long shot - unbelievable atmosphere.

ha ha ha

do they use the word Keat round your sides??

they do here!

Keat and yute...

is it a reference to that?
not too sure wat you mean - my real name is spelt Keith - but all my friends spell it K-eat cause I like my food. That dosen't mean I'm fat - although some times they make me pay double when i go to the cinema.

Anyway, stop taking the piss jigsaw or i'll break up into little pieces. lol.