Fifth Time On The Island And.....


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Arrived back home just two hours ago and felt I should write something.
So here it is.

First of all, the West End does seem a hell of a lot quiter than previous years, even last september was busier than this.
The music policy is still the same all round, although we did get a suprise visit from Pat Sharp (ITVs Funhouse) In Nightclub on corner (you know the one). Had Graham Gold in Play 2 last night - Bonus there!

But the big clubs are what its all about:
1) Amnesia - Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk. 35 Euros entrance
Fantastic - Tiesto was spot on with every single tune - PVD was also on good form, and special respect to him for playing DJ Sammy's new tune!!!! The Megatron machine was in full swing and the atmosphere was great. Oh Yeah, they've also got this everylasting glo-sticks now, on sale for 8 Euros. Drinks were a bit steep though @ 15 Euros for a whisky and coke!!!!

2) Dave Pearce's Euhporia 33 Euros Entrance (inc 1 drink)
Dave Pearce - what can I say, big, bald, cheesy, but very reliable - a good night had by all

3) Judgement Sunday 40 Euros Entrance (inc 1 drink)
Well...... The Judge was extremely hit and miss, good tune - bad tune syndrome all night. The guy after him was ok - bit bangy for me - but then Rank 1 - The only reason I went was to see them.
Apparently Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) was supposed to be there too, but never saw him.

Left hotel this morning and got Easyjet flight 10:20 to Stanstead which left on time and arrived early - first ever for Easyjet!!!!
But get this - The whole journey back, I was sat next to Pete Tong - I kid you not!!! Only thing was, he slept for whole journey - still got autograph and photo tho!!!

Final Analysis - Ibiza For me now, after doing the clubs, 'experiencing' the West End' seeing sunset, Its become less of a holiday resort, more of a way of life... Sad to be home - will be booking for next year asap!.

Take care all.[/quote]
That was great fab report mate, really good to hear about some of the nights I'd not normally go to.

Glad you had a good one :D

And lol @ Tongy on Easyjet, you'd have thought he'd have done scheduled flight via Barcelona on his packet :p
glad to see someone else enjoyed Euphoria ;) and PETE TONG!!! how lucky r u, i love the bloke.

Go and have sum much earned sleep

Nite Nite
Nice to see you got a good bit of trance in while you were there. I only got Oakey at Cream, tried to get b/f to Dave Pearce but he was having none of it and Judegement Sunday had a pretty hard line up the week I was there. Still, it was good to broaden my horizons