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Probably need Woody's help here, but anyone in the know is welcome to respond.

I currently have 98 Fiestis from Fiesta hotels, apparently enough for one week in a 3 star hotel outside of July / August. But how does this work? Specifically:

- Would the week be half board like most of their hotels, or would that cost extra?

- How would I actually book, email the hotel, call them, some other method?

- Then how would I pay, i.e. how do they know I've got the Fiestis, do I just give them the card when I arrive / leave?

- What sort of time period applies? For example, is it too late for me to book a single room in early September this year? (I have checked and they do have availability).

- Anything else I should be aware of? I don't want this to go wrong obviously!!!

Cheers in advance!
h/b ok
you need to post your book to head office in ibiza.

state dates you wish to go.they send you a voucher for your hotel name

you might have just left it to late.but i had mine posted to the algarb when i did it.try contacting head office via i did phone them up about it as well.they speak very good english.

stating what you intend to do.

of course its free.
I've had one free week and enough points for another. As woody says, best to email head office first so they can check on their computer and then send off your book/card if they need it.
Only took about ten days from my posting to them to receiving the voucher. Don't really need it as the hotel is also advised.
Oh yes, it's half board included - bargain.
like me i had over 400 when i post book off.they return a card to me with points still left.but contact them telling them you fancy sept i bet they can sort it out in tony says. does not take long.its only the mail thats slow.
Hey woody,
if you are residing end of September I'll buy you a beer or share a bottle of wine.