fiesta da agua



this is es paradise water party !!

heard thou its being replaced by like a circus night ???

will the water party @ es paradise still happen cause dont they have it on like a wednesday or somthing aswell!!

please anyone whos been there or knows please help me !!!!

p.s also does anybody know if now dave pearce has moved to friday if it will still have the foam party !!!!!!!!

or have they scrapped this aswell hope not cause there are two of the best things in them clubs nothing like the water party its fuuun!
maybe stephen or my main man robo or mcrakin can answer this for me ??
I did the water party last year. I really think there are many better things going on at any given time, I'd try something else.

the water partys are on tuesdays still,while the foam partys on mondays nights insted of dave pearce