Few questions



hihi, I'm Jaco from Edmonton (Canada). Me and a few friends have managed to get our hands on an apartment on the coast near Valencia for a month in August. We saw Ibiza on a tv show and it looked nuts. We want to go =). I was wondering about transportation to the island and how economical is. How long does it take? How often does a boat run? Where would a port be for us to buy a ticket and get on the boat?

Also, how much do most of you end up spending in a given night? Given the the Canadian -> Euro exchange rate SUCKS, we will probably only be able to party for a night or two and then just do tourist stuff for the rest of the month.

Yeah, that's about it for now =D
Hey jaco,

i'm from edmonton too, small world isn't it. Me and two of my friends went there this summer for 7 nights, it was amazing. Depending on where you stay (Ibiza town, San an or Playa) the price for a hotel room will differ. Food is not as expensive as I thought, its almost the same as here in canada in the way of prices. Club entrance can run you a bit of money though. We went at the end of June and the beginning of July so prices at clubs aren't as high as in aug. YOu can expect to pay up to $60 CDN for cover. We were really lucky that we ran into this guy that got us in for really cheap each night we went out (Hopefully he's there again this year). Hope it helps.


oh yeah, liquor is cheap as hell.....