Hey does anybody know anything about Fiestas deSan Cristobalin in Es Cana on the 10th July? Is there anything worth going to see? Would be nice to see a bit of culture on my wild holidays!! How far is Es Cana from Figueretas? Would it be worth the trip there?
Others with more local knowledge than I may be able to be more detailed but we were in san Juan for their festival last year. it consisted of local folk bands, much drinking and candy floss, fireworks and some stuff in the church
good fun, really good fun.
that's about it. fireworks as well.

however this festival is also celebrated in ibiza town in the 'parish' of sa capelleta it's st. cristopher's day - the patron saint of journeys - so the priest comes out to bless all the cars on the via punica! then there's a big booze up near the museum. great fun.