I will be taking my first trip to Ibiza the end of July. Can't wait! I have learned so much reading these forums. Thank-you to everyone who contributes. Now I need some advice regarding our trip.

My husband and I along with another couple will be sailing around the Islands for a week. We will fly to Ibiza then take a ferry to Formentera to pick up our sailboat. How far is the Ibiza airport from the ferry terminal? Would a taxi be our best option for transportation?

We finish our tour in Mallorca where we drop off the sailboat. We then must get back to Ibiza. I think I read something about a fast ferry that makes the trip in two hours. Is this right? How can I get information on schedules etc?

Thank-you very much for any assistance you can provide.
Thank-you for your help. I found the ferry schedules and printed what we will need.
Most ferries sail from Ibiza town harbour which is very close to the airport. The taxis will be your quickest, easiest option, they are easy to pick up and reasonably priced.

Buses cover most of the island but you may have a bit of a wait, and for the small charge of a taxi, its just so much easier to get a cab there and not have to drag your heavy suitcases onto a bus.