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When my boyfriend and I go to Europe and eventually Ibiza this August we are planning on taking the ferry from Barcelona. We reserved a two person room on the night ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza last week. But it said that we had to pick up our tickets at the main office in Spain or one of the other offices or agents in Europe. The problem with this is that we live in America! :confused: There are no agents currently operating in America.... What I want to ask is, has anyone had any experience with this? Do we really need to pick up our tickets? It says they will cancel our reservation if we don't pick up the tickets, the problem is that we can't... I am planning on calling the offices in the UK but don't know if this will help. Any info on this matter would be great!

How long does a ferry to barcelona take? And how much does it cost? Thats something I didnt consider doing while I was over there!

From Denia - it takes 4hr 30mins, it costs 38 euros and goes twice-daily to san antonio.

From Barcelona - it costs 44 euros and takes 9 hours. Trasmediterrana operate 4 services per week, and Baleria operate three per week to ibiza town.

From Valencia - Trasmeditterana operate a daily hydro-foil between june and late september which costs 41 euros and takes 3 hr 15 min, and a weekly sunday service for the rest of the year, which costs 37 euros and takes 6hrs.
So we are going to Spain in June and plan to take the ferry from Valencia to Ibiza...on the message board it says ferry cost around 41 euros. Is that one way price? I looked up the transmediterranea website and the price quoted there for round trip is 111.8 euro each...So what is the correct price? Are they charging people more when purchasing through the website? Also, do I need to buy tickets(reservation) ahead of time or can I show up on the day of the ferry and get tickets? We'll be going to Ibiza on 22.06.03
any info would be greatly appreciated? :?:
i had a squint at the tras website and found it somewhat lacking in information. if you are a foot passenger you should be able to buy a ticket an hour or so before the sailing. i would think ( though i'm not 100%) that the €111 is a return trip on a fast ferry. the €41 is a one way with residents discount. you can also travel from valencia to ibiza via denia (the bus trip is included in the price) with balearia, or direct from denia with iscomar.