Ferry from Mallorca to Ibiza


Jimmy A

I have heard there is a ferry from Mallorca to Ibiza, and I certainly hope so cos I don't fancy a 70mile swim.

Anyone ever used it - how much does it cost? (as a foot passenger)


stephen (or any one else) was that fairly recently that you travelled, and have you any idea would the prices go up in the summer or would they generally stay the same?



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i went 11 months ago. all the fares are on the balearia website and they do not increase seasonally.

there are cheaper fares for the normal 4 hour ferry.

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getting the ferry is no problem but make sure its the fast ferry you get coz the other one is like the slow boat to china. The price is pretty similar from what i remember.


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the fast ferry takes 2 hours, the normal ferry takes 4. the fast is about 30 to 40 % more expensive than the normal one (depending on which company you use - balearia or iscomar)

depending on the time of year and day there are sun loungers on the decks - just like being on a mediterranean cruise. there are bars, cafes, a tv lounge etc. it's not like being trapped on a plane with nothing to do and of course you don't have to check in hours before!

i use the ferry to take my car over to the mainland on long holidays and i use the fast ferry for weekend jaunts
eg leave ibz 8pm friday arrive palma 10pm
leave palma 8am monday arrive ibz 10am
less than €50 (with my third off residents discount)