ferry discount with Eurail pass


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Help!! I am trying to buy my ferry ticket from Barcelona to Ibiza and I also have a Eurail pass. They say that you can get a 30% discount on that particular route on trasmediterranea if you have a Eurail pass, but on the website there's nothing about that. I have tried to call several times, but it's all in Spanish (which unfortunately I don't speak) :confused: and all of the operators are always busy. :( Anyone had this same problem? If so, can someone please tell me what I should do? Please help, I would prefer to buy my ticket now for June so that I can be guaranteed a spot!
Thanks dirty, but they don't have an email address listed! Not one! :x I don't know why not, you would think that they would, but I am just going to have to keep calling I guess. I have a few friends here who speak Spanish, so hopefully they can help me out if I can ever get through! :confused:
Hey Jannica,

I'm pretty sure the ferries are pretty regular. You could just arrive there and buy the ticket there and then instead of booking before hand. That way you can present the pass and get the discount.
I don't think it will be much of a problem getting a ferry ticket.

;) ;)
Really?? Are you sure about that? I would do that, but I really am afraid that if I do, for some reason the one I need will be booked. I can't wait an extra day if the one I want is booked for some reason, I would hate to risk it, you know? :rolleyes:
We took the transmediterranea ferry last summer from Barcelona to Ibiza in August (which is substantially busier than June), did everything last minute and had run into some sailings sold out for student rates (and in general). We also had the same problem with language -- my Spanish is practically useless unless you need me to ask where the toilets are or where the beach is.
BUT, in lieu of a) learning Spanish on the fly and b) getting someone else to do the booking for you...
can 1) ask when someone is working who speaks English -- completely lazy/pathetic, I know, but they told us when someone was available and we called back then.
2) You also might try this link http://www.trasmediterranea.es/deleagen0i.htm & click on agents abroad they might help.
My BIGGEST recommendation re the ferry -- book yourself on the one with the pool -- I don't think it costs any extra and it's SOOOO worth it. I don't even mean for using the pool -- it's just that the other ferry is wicked slow and, in my opinion, crap. No reclining seats + loooong overnight haul + room full of chain smokers while you're trying to sleep + prelude to holiday with little rest = rough start.
Just my two cents.
Good luck!
Thanks for the advice everyone! I think the agents abroad thing is a good idea. I found the number for a London agency that sells tickets so I know that they'll speak English so I'm going to try that number! I keep waiting until it's too late though, b/c I forget that it's seven hours later there, so I'm going to have to remember to call early in the morning! :D Can you just request the ferry with the pool? I'm going to try that and see what happens, just as long as it doesn't cost more, thanks for letting me know about that! :D
Re the ferry w/ the pool: ask them to confirm that it is the one with the pool. When we made our bookings (and at the time we were traveling w/a fluent spanish speaker, so it wasn't a language issue), the agent told us not to worry, we wouldn't need a cabin as the boat was a party boat w/ a pool, blah blah ... And it wasn't. On the way back, it was. See what they can promise...