ferry corsten or sundays at space??



i fly into ibiza on sept 15 at 10pm. Should i go to see ferry corsten and judge jules at Eden or go to sundays at space.

ive never been to space....is it a nice club?? how does it compare with eden?
Go to Sundays @ Space all day then see Corsten after!!!!!! I went back in July and must admit Corsten was awesome...much better than Jules and Eden is really a nice club now...enjoy!
If u are on the island longer than one week, I'll say go to eden 'cause you're arriving at 10pm and go to space the sunday after in the early afternoon; 'cause what makes space so brilliant is the atmosphere at the terrace it's just so good so breath takint its magical. I've to say and it's maybe only my opinion but I could'nt miss space during daytime, once the terrace is closed it's not really my kind of club anymore and I should go to Eden during nighttime
Definetely see Corsten at Eden. When I was there he played one of the best trance sets I've ever heard. Get there in plenty of time because he plays from 1 to 3 am (I think). Otherwise you'll have to put up with the seriouly over-rated J.Jules and his screaming fans!
If you are determined to see FC, I would do the terrace at space until 11ish then get out to beat the rush when it closes at midnight (the terrace, not the whole club), and get a taxi over to San An.

I'm not into Corsten myself, and would rather gouge my own eyes out with rusty spoons than listen to Judge Jules, but IMO Space HAS to be seen.
I'd rather gouge his eyes out with any spoon!!!!!

Or cut off his fingers so he can't turn the power on!!!

Don't see why I should have to personally suffer just because of that tosser!
Go and see Ferry Corsten!! Just back from Ibiza last week and must admit he and DJ Tiesto @ Amnesia played 2 of the best sets ive heard in ages. I also got chatting to Ferry before he went on to play his set, he really is a really nice bloke and gave me and my girlfriend one of his bottles of champers in Eden!!! Result!!!