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8) I looking to come over to Ibiza in November from the UK as I can't fly directly I need to fly in to Majorca and catch the Ferry over, can anyone give me details of the Winter (November) times and details of ferry contact telephone numbers, I understand that there is a cheep ferry that takes about 2 hours... Thanks in anticipation!
you may find that a flight from mallorca to ibiza is now the same price as the ferry. we have a whole section on transport on this very website. it's well hidden though - try to find it.
8) Stephen: flight from mallorca to ibiza is now the same price as the ferry. you say there is a whole section on transport on this very website. it's well hidden though - where?
David, I am in the same boat (sorry no pun intended!) as you except I want to be in Ibiza for NYE. Have been searching the net for a month for a reasonably-priced indirect flight via Madrid/Barcelona, but they are all way out of my price range. Now thinking of getting a flight/ferry like you - also, have you heard of the new charter airline that is meant to be launching direct flights to Ibiza before the end of the year from Luton? It's called Now airlines - check out www.now-airlines.co.uk - they plan to offer seats at the same price all year round, it's £50 single during the winter months. Let's hope they launch soon!
click the union flag above.

that gets you to our home page in english.

on the left of the screen click flights/ferries

not that difficult surely?
Stephen, thanks for that but your ferries/flights section was of course my first port of call - the trouble is trying to find a flight that gets in in time for you to catch the ferry to Ibiza, it's just so much trickier getting to the island this time of year as you know. I am getting frustrated as I recently bought an apartment in Ibiza and am desparate to start making it look presentable! Still, where there's a will there's a way...
winter flights

i am having the same trouble trying to get to the island in november at a fair price. I got to paint my place to, going to get a flight with easy jet to palma and then a short flight to ibiza, works out to about £100 return,dont think i will better that. c u in the diy shop

fantastic website by the way the best ibiza site there is :p
Re: winter flights

gary.d.r said:
c u in the diy shop

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Hi Gary, I looked at flying to Palma on Easyjet but it was really expensive (around £200). Also, how did you book your internal flight from Palma - on the internet? I tried Iberia's website but couldn't find anything, please share your flight-booking technique with me!
By the way, have you been to the Bricocentro DIY shop on the main Ibiza Town San An road? Not half as good as our homebase's and B&Q's...
Gracias Stephen, that looks as though it will solve the internal flight problemo, although not being able to read Spanish means I will have to find someone to book on my behalf or I'll end up making a terrible error online and paying for 6 single flights or something equally disastrous...
Have tried Iberia, they don't have availability for the dates I want - as you know, flights to and from the island are choca-block post-Xmas/NY.
Knew I should've booked two months ago! :(
getting to ibiza

Hi Beckie
looks like im going to book easy jet from stanstead on 1st dec till 6th dec to palma only £40.98 return. iberia have a flight with good conection times but the price goes up a bit, i was looking at staying in palma till next day and get the cheap flight. the flight i might get is £100 with iberia but has good connection times. i cant speak much spanish but have a collins spanish dictionary with spanish and english in it. makes it a lot easier. I have not been to that diy shop yet, going to buy a car out there for next summer to get around a bit more. This trip is to have air conditioning fitted, its not very expensive either.
I need to do that as last August was unbearable and Ibiza Town was completely out of fans! Can you let me know the details of who you used to fit the air-con and how much it is please? Thanks for the flight tips too. Where's your flat?
i am getting my air con from a place called es calo, s.l in san an, there are loads of places that sell them the prices vary depending on size of apartment and if you want it to heat as well as cool. my quote was for just under 1000 euro installed. hot and cold. my place is over looking the port in san antoino just far enough away from the west end. i brought my fan back in june before they all sold out and boy did i need it this summer.
Cool! Are you going to be living there full time at some point or just during the season? What do you do? Sorry for being nosey, it's just interesting to chat to someone who's in a similar situation!
good old easyjet are getting me and the mrs to Palma and back for only £24.98 each return beginning of December - trouble is getting to Ibiza and then back to Palma!
That's a bargain price! I have had to pay rather a lot more to get there for NYE but I managed to find quite a good route in the end - Easyjet to Barcelona in the AM, then Air Europa to Ibiza in the PM. Will have to kill a few hours in Barca both ways but I love it there so it's an added bonus really! And I won't have to experience the slowboat to Ibiza either...