Ferrie to palma from ibiza?


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Hi, need to travel from ibiza to palma in july.

I tried the transmeditterania (think thats spelt wrong) company but that seemed quite expensive.

So i was wondering if anyone knew the cheapest company and how long it takes etc. Any information would be very useful.

thanks stephen, can you turn that site into english? Im no good at spanish.

Could i just turn up at ibiza port, buy a ticket and get on? Also how much is that iscomar ferrie?

cheers mate
i think a return is about 50 euros. i can´t open the site as i´m not on my home computer to check the exact price.
the answer to can you just turn up and get on is maybe. it depends how full it is. the office is on the other side of the road from blues (the ferry terminal)
does a return mean i can go one day and then come back in 2 days, or will i have to get 2 one way tickets?

Are all the ferrie offices in roughly the same place, (balearia etc) so then i could just go to the port and see what would be best for me?

a return means you pay for your two journeys together eg both on the same day or a year apart. two singles are dearer.

all the ferry offices are under the blues club apart from iscomar, opposite.

all the timetables are on this site - some poor soul took the time and trouble to transcribe them for us. have a look at them