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I've just listened to Mixmags latest cover CD with Fergies bedroom mix - this is the first I have heard him since he has started to slow his music down a bit from his trademark thumping hard house sound to these more funky technoish sets. And I must say I am suitably impressed... Even started listening to his radio 1 show again.

I used to be really into Fergie but started losing interest in him cos it was just the same old sound - IMO the whole hard house scene was/is getting really repetitive/tedious - but I definitely reckon this is a step in the right direction for him.

Anyone heard him play recently???
That would be interesting cos I don't like Fergie as a DJ all his hard house boshing out stuff but if you've ever seen him out he's so lurrrverly so I kind of want to like him, if you get what I mean so funky techno sounds good.

He was trying some Maharishis on next to me in Maharishi shop in Covent Garden a few months ago and up close he's very easy on the eye as well :p ;)

*at this point the Thread Abuser Police come and take Babs away and lock her up for 6 months :eek: :p *

Sorry Mark for completely going off on one, I haven't listened to the CD yet but I shall do on your recommendation :D

Saw him @ Space for Radio 1 party last year. He followed seb Mundane and Timo. I was about to leave, thinking he was going to play some shite hard house (which I absolutely loath), but he surprised me with some pumping techno stuff which was half decent.

I still don't really rate him, but I won't run in the opposite direction if he's playing. Kudos trying to get out of that hard house/hard trance pit and bringing some sophistication to his sets
I got Mixmag last night and as usual chucked the CD on as soon a I got in and went and did other stuff without concentrating on it.

However, I must say it impressed the hell out of me. Very deep and dirty and before I knew it I was tuned in 100 % and grroving with the pasta and Dolmio. Its a damned good CD and I urge folks that would usually bin it cos of the DJ to give it a whirl.

Talking about MixMag CDs I also rated a Ibiza Trance one some time ago, certain tracks on the porn house CD and the Mongo Hotline Cd had some moments of genius . . . .

Still can't get the Bag or the Music Case to fit in my stereo CD shelf though . . .its cost me loads in repair bills. I wouldn't mind but they have no track listing on them either so I don't know what I'm missing, its a sheer tease . . .its just a grinding noise then the threads come off and I get all sad and need a big hug . . .
Dave Angel is the king of funky techno. (Not the Dave Angel Eco Warrior off the Fast Show).

would like to add that on that CD there's a track called ruckus juice - absolutely awesome acid revival dirty analogue bassy ass shaker! seem to remember paul jackson or someone playin it at rulin at ministry a while ago, tore the place up!
gecko2 said:
Dave Angel is the king of funky techno. (Not the Dave Angel Eco Warrior off the Fast Show).

Yeah, Dave Angel just did a set for The Vaults relaunch party up here in Aberdeen on Friday night.

He hasn't played up this way for a while
Fergie19 said:
Mark, did you go to The Vaults launch party? I wanted to go but the g/friend had other ideas!

Went for a while but left about 1.00 ish as I had to be at the Uni for 7am - looking and sounding good though - lets hope it stays open for a bit longer this time...

Jill went to see Funk D' Void on Saturday but dunno how this went as haven't seen her yet...

Theres a lot of shit hot DJs coming up (apparently!!!) I heard that Jon Carter is coming back VERY soon, Dave Seamen, Darren Emerson, David Holmes and some more that I can't remember :?: :!: :?:

Glad it open again 8)
F*tureshock and Anthony Pappa as well are gonna be at the Vaults. My mate is gonna be warming up for Pappa so I'll be up for that 8)

I'll go up for Dave Seaman as well and possibly Dave Clarke, dunno if Clarke is at the Vaults though but it's somewhere in Aberdeen.

I used to really like Seb then went off him, not heard him for a while, is he getting back on form then? To be fair, he was pretty good at the Christmas Rhumba in December, that's the last time I've seen him.

This CD is quite good as well: Seb Fontaine - Perfecto Presents - Horizons.

P.S By the way, why the f*ck is F.u.t censored? fut

Have you been up to the Vaults before? Pretty good place-glad it has re-opened! :)

I think Clarke will be at the Vaults-theres not many other places in Aberdeen that he could play, all a bit commercial now! :(
Anybody who thinks Seb is good or getting better should listen to his Essential Mix from last October (with Kleinenberg). It was recorded live from Glasgow and it was one big trainwreck. Awful...He also is quite predictable in his tune selection. That Horizons CD was a bit...mundane!
Nope never been to the Vaults, heard it was quite like a mini-Arches though but cleaner!

andre27: Seb was totally trashed, that's why he f*cked up, no excuse though. Although you can't judge a DJ on one set, if you listened to his radio show you would hear if he's getting better, one set from October 2002 is not relevent at all considering I saw him in December 2002 and he was alright.