What are people's thoughts on this guy?
I saw him at Godskitchen in Ibiza and have the Godskitchen Summer Trance album (3rd cd is mixed by him) and I've got to say despite the hype he bores me to death!

- Dave
Fergie is sooooooooo last year. saw him at gods @amnesia last year and he rocked. folk were raving and things looked good.
since he signed for fabulous Radio 1 though things have gone rapidly downhill. his sound is hard and soulless, plus a bit of the darkside too. whatever happened to happy music i say.

plus he seems to have put on at least 35 pounds this year...........
Would you believe he played here in Jersey back in August, and despite the lack of decent nights here, my misus and me just couldn't get into it at all.

We left b4 the end (unheard of for me!), and certainly wouldn't break a leg to see him again.

I think the term "souless" just about sums up his set, and I'm in no way an evicionado.
seen him on several occasions over the summer and yes he bored. must admit he was shit hot at the radio one weekend.

saw fergie in amnesia 2001, he rocked the place, with unique style of hard trance/hard house, he was realy good, and got the crwod going mad, but this year he has changed, i think he changed after his radio 1 show began, after this he has no got 'slower' and boring, its a shame!!!
Hi! I have not seen him before this yr in Ibiza so maybe that is why I liked him!! Maybe it was just a good night but I loved it......the next night was not as good so maybe it was that night........

quite possibly, that sometimes happens. I saw picotto at GK last year in amnesia, and he was awesome, but this year at eden he was a pile of sh*t, maybe just a bad night?........
Robo said:
but this year at eden he was a pile of sh*t, maybe just a bad night?........

maybe it;s eden which makes him seem so shise. agreee that gods kitchn rocked at amnesia, sucked at eden.
yes i'll agree with you there, amnesia as a whole is soo much better than eden, the two rooms, the soundsystem, the smoke machine, the lasers, it has the feel of a true ibizan club, whereas eden feels like it cold be in the uk, shame they moved, but you maybe able to understand why....
I think the difference with fergie now is that he's playing a lot more techno in his sets & obviously alot of his hard house followers may not take to it. I think it's a good thing... though i'm biased cos i think hard house is a big pile of wank! ;)
Fergie Has diversified from the music he used to play (hard house) to a music that now suits what people want to hear in many clubs. Hard house has moved on with a lot more hard house DJ's using techno in their sets. Personally I think he is jumping on the techno band wagon so that he is no longer synonymous with the hard house scene, even though he started
out playing this similar style of music in his early days in northern ireland before being spotted by tony de vit and moving over to england.