anyone heard of fergie? is he any good? is it true he spins hard house?

pacha chick and i are gonna go check him out in march....we got free tix and $2 u call its til 11.....gotta make sure i dont have too many of those this time....last time i had to go home at 11 and didnt remember a thing.

fergie used to play hard house then he changed his style to the hardest style of techno....he lost a lot of his followers and know gets slated for it big tme....he used top be REALLY good!! know he has gone way down in my estimation!!!!

He was taught how to dj by the legendary and late hard house DJ TONY DE VIT
He was shite in July but I saw him on the 28th January and he was really good! I'm not the easiest man to please but Fergie was playing like speeded up tribal and also some techno!

Robo> no way Fergie plays the hardest form of techno, listen to Adam Beyer (absolute legend) :!:

cream 2 years ago. bit to wasted to remember. all road good.
Fergie was playing last year for Godskitchen @ Eden on tues...so i guess he'll be doing GK again this year possibly!!