Fergie is a COWARD


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Hi guys, Pachabloke and I wanted to see Fergie last friday and found out that he chose not to show up because he was AFRAID to fly during wartime.

I am so glad I did not pay money to see this fool. Its people like him who essentially let our enemies WIN. He stopped his life because of whats going on in the Middle East right now... therefore not getting paid himself, not providing our gorgeous Club Montage here in San Diego with the expected business, didn't fund our airlines, and promoted a feeling of fear amongst his fans.

SHITTY if you ask me.
the guy has obviously tried to keep up with musical trends, which could have made him or broke him. Unfourtunately it has made him less popular.....

he should have been true to his proper fan base and stayed with hard house....
I don't rate Fergie in the slightest as a DJ but I think everyone is too quick to judge him for not wanting to fly at this time. Different people deal with situations differently but everyone has got the option of freedom of choice.

Can't anyone remember after Sept 11, Danny Tenaglia pulled out of We Love Sundays closing cos he didn't want to fly.

If anyone (be it a DJ or whoever) feels strongly enough that they don't want to fly they shouldn't have to :rolleyes:

fergie was okay when he broke through as a cream residant.
since then he has lead the juge jules path.

lost the plaot if you ask me :?:
yeah but fair play he made it big at a young age. being a radio 1 DJ will always effect a dj's street cred. Mind you I still got respect for Lottie.
i feel obliged tp post something! when fergie was a breaking through when he used to play at godskitchen at the sanctuary in brum and i saw him a couple of times at bubblelove at leicester uni he was awesome and was a DJ i would travel to see but now he's turned commercial and has in my personal opinion lost a lot of respect from a lot of 'fans' who have followed him from the early days!
but you also have to remember that the hard house 'scene' has died down a 'little' and fergie had to find other areas to keep his profile and name of the music scene.