Fellow student party peeps looking for work?!



I'm a 19 year old student from manchester wanting to work in Ibiza this summer. 8)
Because i'm still studying I cant travel out untill the end of june and have to come back at the end of september! Any one in the same position looking for a travel buddy please get in touch as soon as poss!!
I'm easy to get on with and never get tired of the need to party!!
Hope to here from you soon
Luv Rachel
sorry to sound controversial here, but......

should the words student and work be used in the same sentence?

im in a similar situation

Im 18 years old female, from York and want to go to Ibiza to work but are worried about going on my own.
All my friends have boyfriends and are staying at home for the summer -boring! I want to go out and have some fun in the sun. Especially when my boyfriend is going off galavanting round Norway and Italy, gimp!

At the moment i am doing my Alevel and then im goin to uni after the summer (if i get the grades, i doubt it at mo. coz im too busy reseaching summer plans). I will therefore want to go to ibiza around the same duration as you.

Hope you get back in touch with me :D

from Meryl
me again

I like swimming loads
and clubbing (obvously if i want to go to Ibiza!)
dogs -especially boxers. will miss my humprey baby if i go.
love red hot chillie pepers (but who doesnt!)
love dancing like a nutter druck
Dislike meat,- veggie.
i'm sure you've all been inundated with offers based on the wide experience of the world of work your cv's display.

djb - an equal oportunities employer.
Work and Ibiza Buddy!

Hi there Rachel!

Yeah I'm a 21 year old, second year student at Plymouth Uni doing a Law Degree and would love to go out and work in Ibiza this summer and I'm on the same time scale as you too.

Get in touch and perhaps we could work something out about gpoing out together this summer.

I guess I'm most intersested in finding bar work, but would really like to know if anyone knows anything about dancing out in the bars and clubs in Ibiza? If anyone has any information about getting into this, please post a message or get in touch.

Hopefully hear from you soon Rachel!


P/T Workers wanted

Hello Ladies
My company is looking for attractive women to model t-shirts and tops advertising my logo and my main products. All you'll have to do wear the tops talk to people tell them what we sell. Im going out there middle of may and will always be looking for workers so send pictures and any sales experience to kalookiltd@yahoo.co.uk
If you want any more info about products or anything else just email me, sales training can be given if you have no experience.

I just graduated for FL State (US) and i'm coming to ibiza may 27- looking for a place to work and people to live with...email me- nodinx@aol.com see you in ibiza :p :p
Hi Rachel

I'm 20 and a student at Nottingham. Me and two friends are off to find work on 7th June. We are staying in San Antonio for two weeks and hoping to find PR work in that time :D

We r ibiza virgins!

Sure there will be something out there.. We r being optimistic

Have a great summer, mayb cu out there 8)
Hey peeps!

Me & my fella r goin 2 San Antonio in May and r lookin 4 peeps 2 share an appartment with (Clubbers/mad heds only!)
Ne1 in th same porsition...let me kno!
Hi Rachel,
Im also at Manchester Uni, heading out to work in Ibiza mid June. Getting slightly worried about money and a job out there as I have neither lined up. But still pretty excited can't wait to get back to Space ad DC10! :D
I too am looking for travel mates!!!!

Hello, my name is Lee,
I'm 26 and have lived on and off in Spain for 5 years.I am a general all rounder, Bar work , DJ party style, motown funk, northern soul, oldskool hip hop, latino, indie anything that makes 'em dance , even cheeze if needs be, huge library of tunes on CD, will do house but I'm not really into any kind of smooth mixing, my DJ name is SIR MIXANOT(get it?)I don't want PR work, been there done that when I was younger, will consider anything.
I am also experienced at working hotel reception and have also done my fair share of kitchen work. Ex Airtours rep. fluent Spanish and Italian speaker, basic French. I'm hard working and trustworthy and can supply references from any of my past employers as I am still on good terms with all of them. I understand the workings of a bar abroad as I moved to Tenerife when I was 13 with my parents to open a bar in Costa del Silencio. I'm now at university in Leicester as a mature student studying Spanish and Italian. I'm looking to do the whole season from June. I've attached my CV in Spanish and English and some photos.

:eek: I'm still getting to grips with the message board thing, so apologies for the amount of info as I'm copying and pasting stuff in here, hoping some prospective employer may have a look!!!

I definitley want to go to Ibiza in june (20th ish) after my exams, so if any of you wnat to meet up before hand I am willing to travel to make sure it's not hate at first sight!!! I'm well looking forward to going out there and living the life. So anybody who wants to share accom and look for work together hit me back!! ;) ;)