Felix da...


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At last - we get a decent DJ in Aberdeen!!!

Was on the bus today and went past a flyer for Felix Da Housecat playing at the Subway...

Quite chuffed - he hardly plays anywhere in the uk, let alone way up here

:D :D 8) :D :D
I went to Bugged Out! to see him in Feb but he didn't turn up, the bastard!
Yeah Rusty, I'm quite chuffed about this one - should be a brill night 8) have you seen him?

And Rhys, your not the only person I've heard mention him not turning up to do his set!


He'd bloody better turn up to this one - I've waited for AGES to hear him play - I did once catch the last half hour of one of his sets but that was about 7 years ago and he's never played anywhere even remotely close since then...