Felix da Housecat

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Anyone seen him do annathin' live? Reviews? Comments? He's spinning in Chicago this weekend, and we're wondering if it's worth digging into the fun money jar...
Never heard of him, based on the name though he will either be absolutely class or a complete up his own a*se tosser!
Toffer said:
based on the name though he will either be absolutely class or a complete up his own a*se tosser!

don't judge a book by the cover!!!

You've never heard of felix da housecat!

brill dj!

He produced silver screen.

and played at ministry last year.
That is my point the guy is either class or a git!

Anyone with a name like that has to be the nuts otherwise it would be a criminal mis-use of the name!

I wasn't saying any more, just that he is not likely to be average
Thanks for the quick responses...
what are his sets like? electro or dirty house? kinda wantin this weekend to provide music to git all down and dirty to.
Felix da Housecat produced the best, most original album of the last 5 years. Kittens and the Glitz, which kickstarted the whole electro scene.

Never seen him live but he did play ministry at Pacha last year.

A bit of a hero of mine ;)
For Sure. He plays rarely here in UK so I've never had a chance to catch him. I would expect deep, dirty, tech-style, squelchy electro techno. Which is Very Good.
his mixing is a bit ropey sometimes - but a good party DJ all the same and well worth hearing.

if you ever get the chance, go see miss kittin - wicked dj
Brilliant. Mighty big thanks for the input... As the Ibiza dates get closer, we're getting more discriminating about who to drop cash on at home. Sounds like this could be worth it tho.
He's fantastic...Great party DJ!

Imagine Fatboy Slim's energy with much better records and you got Felix. Just saw a few weeks ago he was ripping the crowd apart. If you want to be taken on a "musical journey" -- stay away, if you want to hear some banging dirty techy electro Chicago house with some well chosen retro elements (he dropped Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" when I saw him -- and the punters propmtly lost it) -- he is your man
Felix da.... is wicked!

Plays quality electronica and dirtier house, very impressive.
I'm actually getting a bit giddy by the prospect now!! We'll call it "Ibiza Training" so as to further justify nipping into the jar of saved coins.... :eek:
Seen him live a couple of times in Glasgow.

First time he was amazing and the second a bit average IMHO, but mates thought he was still top. Kittenz and thee Glitz is such a good album.

If you want good party music, uplifting elctro-house then you can't you wrong with Felix.

I can't not believe that Toffer is on an Ibiza website and has never heard of Felix Da Housecat. Enjoy your nights at Es Paradis And Eden Toffer, or is that Tosser.