Fatboy Slim moving back to hip-hop roots


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Norman Cook says the new Fatboy Slim album will move away from house music and towards hip-hop.

Cooks says house music no longer turns him on and that the new album will be a departure from 2000's Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars.

He has spent the last six months in the studio working on the album which features guest vocalists including Damon Albarn and Bootsy Collins.

Cook told NME.com: "I've been locked in the studio for six months working on Fatboy Slim 4 and it's going really good.

"It's quite different from the last few because music has moved on a lot in the last few years. Basically, I'm just experimenting with different sounds and trying not to sound like classic Fatboy.

"Damon Albarn sings on one track, Bootsy Collins sings on another and Lateef from Blackalicious has done some great stuff.

"The last album had a lot of house on it and this is getting back to my hip-hop roots more. Basically, I'm just not turned on by house music much at the moment."

Cook said he still hadn't decided on a title or release date for the album and was deliberately taking a more relaxed approach.

"It might do me good to wait a bit as I can't imagine any of the tracks being played on Radio 1 at the moment. The climate just isn't receptive to the stuff I'm making.

"I don't mind. I've just turned 40, I don't need to beat myself up anymore. I'll just put it out when it's ready."