FAO Matt Collins and Stonebridge

Dr Fox

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Fellas, I'd just like to thank you guys for making the best damn night we have ever experienced in a club at El Divino 16th August (Even if Dannii couldn't make it ;) ). It was as though you had been handed one of our own playlists and you just fired them off, one after the other.....My mates and myself salute you. :D

Nice work fellas. 8)
Thanks for that, it was a very special night. I can't get enough of that club and I can only thank all of you great people coming there!!!!
Your welcome, all though I'll need your home address as I need to send you a bill for my new feet....the old ones are funked! :lol:
You both playing on sep 6th?

Celebrating my b'day there with a dozen or so mates and the angel fingers girls.....nice ;)
NO WAY! Someone could have at least told me! I prob seem like a kandi maniac with all the kandi posts!

All stalking aside- TOP night ;) ! Well deserved award for best club, Keep it up -Cya at the Sheffield launch! :p
Yes, It's me, Matt and Paul doing HK/El Divino on the 6th - Bring it on! And thanks for the Swedish shout, try to figure that one out!!!
Gotta say, I'm so looking forward to BED, Sheffield on 6th !! Been calling for Hed Kandi in this area for the last year ..... :D :D
Matt, with those dancers on the stage to the right of you no wonder you are spanking it each week :D ;) One question......air-con.....does the El Divino management know this technology exists? 8)
Dr Fox said:
One question......air-con.....does the El Divino management know this technology exists? 8)

Good call. There's nice and hot and too hot. You's think in a 'classy' place like El Divino they'd care bout things like that.
Rusty, tell me about it, I was in a vest and still looked like i'd been put through an Imo Car Wash after 10 mins......could it be a ploy to get punters to the bar....it worked coz I spent a friggin fortune on ale/water that night......The fan in the gents was a god send.....
And another similar question to the Hed Kandi boys:
Any chance of seeing u spinning in Israel anytime soon :?:

P.S: Look what caught my camera's eye 2 weeks ago on saturday @ El Divino...