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With your redundancy money what ya gonna do?

Buy a big ship and cruise the world under the power of rave?

Gather enough moon dust to create your own moon, where of course you'll own the only nightclub!

At the end of the day i've been redundant three times already and it's always worked out for the best. I know how you feel james but something'll come along.

Just imagine you'd spent a week in Ibiza to come back to no job (1999) or a week in ibiza and come back to no wife (2000) or a week in ibiza and come back to no bird (2001). Imagine the comedown then!
With your redundancy money what ya gonna do?

Don't make me laugh mate. I work on short term contracts. No sick pay, no pension, no rights, one weeks notice and the company has decided not to renew contractors, in an effort to save money for whatever else they want to waste it on.

I am sure it will work for the best- for me!

It is not my first taste of unemployment, however.

Never mind, lend us a few quid mate?

On the moon issue, I own it already! Fancy a holiday? We play Stardust every night of the week at The Man In the Moon nightclub there. You should come try it. One mouthful of that cheese and I guarantee you'll be walking on air!

Keep safe! ;)
The only trouble with holidays on the moon is that when they're over you have to come back down to earth!

Still shit happens!
Yeah, but it makes me feel really light-headed.

Bummer about the atmosphere though. Bloody hard trying to light a spliff in near zero atmosphere

(not that I'm advocating drug-space walking!!!)