fao: Eire folks


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I know there are one or two of you kicking about on here :lol:

Spending 5 days in Ireland in October. Will be leaving Dublin on Thursday 1st and returning to drop off the hire car at the airport on Monday before flying home.

Based on my Dublin based pal's approximations, it would be cool to spend a couple of nights in Donegal and a couple of nights in Galway. Its not a clubbing holiday, more just driving around taking photos of stuff, boozer at night etc.

Looking for tips etc. But more specifically;

- would i be better off in Donegal or Galway on Friday night, and the other on Saturday, or vice versa etc. (ok not very specific but you get what i need to know)?

- preferred scenic routes/roads between Dublin and Donegal and Galway, and between the two areas themselves

- cool places to visit on the way, hangout etc. talking more dramatic coastlines, mountain roads, nice villages etc. as opposed to trendy bars/clubs.

Obviously, any particular events going on around this time in the area would be good to know as well

Just needing to decide a rough itinerary before booking hotels from laterooms.