Fancy Dress



Are there any shops in San An that sell fancy dress costumes. We've been wanting some fancy dress but cant think of what to get and where to get it.
It would be handy if we could get some over there.

Thinking of getting some sgt peppers suits??!! :oops:
I spent the whole of one day in San An looking for a white shirt and a suitable tie so me and my mates could dress up as a schoolboy when going to a freestyler event. We found a little shop eventually that sold cheap white shirts but we never found ties so we had to buy some plain black material and cut it out in to tie shapes. I don't know of any fancy dress shops but i'd guess u'd be lucky to find one.
Used to be on at top of westend area, dont know if its there now.......
Yeah Manumission used to have a fancy dress shop across from the Ship but I’m sure its changed into a bar now. :confused: