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Hello All, dont know if im in the right place, but would like some advice.... Im looking at coming to Ibiza in June with my 10 year old, my friend and her 10 year old, we are looking for a family fun resort with self catering apartments. I have been looking at Playa D'Bossa, I have found 3 apartments, Mira Mora, Jab......, Ebona all 3 look great but i went on Trip Advisor and some of the write ups were scary on about people partying in the early morning and rooms being robbed:(. I know its a holiday i can understand people enjoying themselves but now ive confused :confused:myself as to what to do - the resort sounds great for us with the beach and waterpark... can anyone help me or pass on some advice please, also i want to hire a jet ski, what do you need??? (and dont say money lol) Thanks :)
Mira Mola,Jabeque,Ebona ?

These places have changed considerably over the last couple of years,
the new owners may not take your booking that seriously..:eek:

If you want to be in company of many Italian might be right for you,
I think for you ,San An bay might be better,with the kid's...
jabeque has a strong italian presence, especially july onwards. that said it is still a popular family hotel, but by the sounds of what you've written, probably not ideal for what you're looking for. as it is quite cheap, it often tends to attract people who are just looking for the cheapest place to be a base for their clubbing.

ebano apartments i can recommend. you have to understand that there is likely to be some noise in most hotels on the island, but ebano is not a "party hotel" in any sense of the word and is located near the centre of playa d'en bossa, a few minutes from the beach.

another option would be any of the fiesta hotels, they are right near the waterpark and on the beach itself and are very popular with families, loads of activities/facilities, etc.

look here
My posting was a bit cryptic,sorry, the first two places you mentioned I know of and would not recommend for your needs,Ebano I don't know, but am sure you can trust grego on that.
How many times are you gonna go to the waterpark though?
I know nothing about water ski's.

You mentioned self catering,look at the main page here,you may see another place you had'nt thought of,not like you're gonna be at Space every night is it ...:lol:
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Well Tim unless your offering to look after my 10 year old you never know i might be raving it up in Space:eek: (not likely be more snoring in my bed by 10pm lol) - My daughter loves water so im thinking maybe a couple of visits to the waterpark - not too sure how much it is as i have also been told im abit silly going Ibiza this year because of the state of the pound to the euro but i just see it as its going to cost the same there as it is here at home and at least i can get some decent sun!!! - i also want a good beach with pedalos and things to do for the kids, good family food places (as u know kids and how fussy they are and believe me these 2 are fussy!) - Ive thought about other areas but just dont know how long distance is taxi wise to the water park. Me and my friend wouldnt mind sitting in a bar in the evening as long as the kids are entertained nothing worse than "Can we Go Can we Go!!" every 5 mins :confused:- I think u get my drift - thanks again 4 all the advice its helping alot x:D
Tarzy007.check you pm box.if you can afford it try fiesta hotels in playa den bossa.palm beach is a superfamily hotel.not cheap but good.but see you pm that place is a great base cannot get any nearer to the beach than s/c place i have told you you can book on this means getting a cheap flight thats might as well buy your meals in the s/c place.very good cook.i nip in for my dinner most days.

ok its the for anyone esle who is looking for a good place to stay.just right for 2 kids and yourself.all you need is less than 50 yards away from supermaket.eating places a few of the many bars in pdb.resort is flat.near airport so cheap taxi.10/11 euro;s.longest beach.funpark/bowling alley.puffing billy train.nice walk to ibizatown which is not far away bars.disco bars.act bar.sports bar.water sports.water park.jet complex next door as two can use the sunbeds you you have to pay.

i am not pushing this resort as you can see.its a good all round resort.

any more info anyone needs pm me info given is free?.i don;t mind at all.i nip in every hotel and s/c place in pdb when i go to get up to date info.

you cannot get any nearer to beach than this,walk out of bar passed pool .step off wall on to beach..i stayed here in the 90s.and i still pop in to see the same happy going staff.such nice views from pool area as well.
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i can tell you lots more on pdb and its hotels.i went to the garbi opening party.invite by owner. to view new rooms ect.when they had just done refit.its been my base now for the past 6 years.but i have stayed all over the island.not begin big headed but you look and listen and i did a rewview of the bahamas refitted rooms as well last year.
Hi there, maybe you can help me out too. I stayed at the Garbi for a long weekend a few years back and thought about staying there this June. Am also considering the Bahamas. hotel. Thing is I am coming with my mum- I have jsut turned 40 she iis a young 60 and we are up for a fab week exploring the island by day and then having nights out. So my instinct is to stay in pdb and use that as a base what do you reckon- I am not considering San An, but wondered if you thought this was a good idea (she would love Borra Borra)

thoughts welcome
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go for it.i treated my folks last oct to 11 days. out of the 18 days i was there.they wished they had come for more.72/75.old ravers.both places have had refits.