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we are taking the family (inlaws, sister in law, hubby & 2 kids 9 & 3) to Ibiza next year in July - not sure when yet. But they are concerned with the normal image of drunien clubbers keeping them up all night.

Myself & my hubby have been several times to the island & love it, however we have never visited the island with Children. As we want Ibiza to make a good impression on the whole family can anyone (with children) give me a list of what they did on hols to keep the family entertained please.

Ps we are thinking of hiring a Villa somewhere so have a private pool for the kids so sadly we cant rely on hotel entertainment.

Thanks in advance
Its a shame that the goings on of a small part of one resort (San Antonio) give the outside world that Ibiza is a drunken den for youths only, never mind.

As you have been before yourself your will no doubt be able to calm your relations that it is not like it is portrayed.

I have been many times with children from when they were 8 to 15 and have always managed to keep them occupied. One thing we always do, and still do is hire a car and spend a day in each resort for the entire holiday, this way its like having numerous holidays in one as no resort is more that 40 mins drive, plus it was a way of getting to visit the island more and learn about ibiza behind the 'ibiza uncovered' image.

If one of you doesnt have a problem with not drinking, the evening can be the same, many a good night can be hand in various resorts such as santa eulalia, ibiza town and a large part of San antonio, the remaining resorts are quite laid back and from my opinion are more adult focused. Activies such as boat trips, horse riding, etc can also be an option. When the kids were younger we would often take them along san antonio bay which is the area which most resembles Blackpool (in my humble opinion), lots of small them park areas with bull bars, karoake, trampolene, tacky shops etc but it was great for the kids.

Ibiza town can be hectic but depending on when you go it is fine, take them up to the castle, there is a part now where you can try on armour, hold the old fashioned weapons etc and take phones with these on. Go karting is a must and appeals to all ages, there are a couple of go kart tracks, one in san antonio and one on the road from ibiza town to santa eulalia, ive seen little kids around five on them plus they can share with an adult, its a bit expensive but great fun and they have bars inside too so you can make a night of it.

There are evening markets selling allsorts of craft wears, souvineers, etc in san antonio and santa eulalia. There is an underground aquarium with really big fish in calas des moro in san antonio, kids will love it as would visiting the caves in San Miguel which is a guided tour underground (not for those with claustrophobia like me)

How about a sunset cruise to take up an evening, boats leave from various destinations (make sure you go on a family one and not the party one), normally provide free drinks, it stops outside of mambos for the views of the sun setting.

All in all, there are lots of things to keep all ages occupied, the only necessity really would be a car, especially if your villa is remote.:D
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i have done the villa and hotel route with my kids, although i have 4 kids so they tend to entertain each other with a little bit of help from me and mum and i think there ages were 10,11,13,14 first time we went to a villa..think you'll find a hotel much better with kids club and other kids to mingle with.
my kids always liked going for drives to different beaches..the aquarium at cap blanc..go karting ..ibiza to santa eu we always took a laptop or portable if they where bored they could stick a film or cartoon on
thanks for all your help & advice on reflexion we are booking hotel berganitin in the bay all inclusive as we feel it would be good :)

The bergantin is a nice hotel, just accross the road is a mini golf and bull bar type place that the kids will love, also a really nice beach, you probably know that already though!!

not far from the town, but still plenty of entertainment right outside
I stayed at the Bergantin the last 2 years and could not fault it. The staff were nice, the food was decent enough, didnt think much of the entertainment but then its not really my cup of tea. There are 3 different pools so you have a choice and a little play park for the kids.