Yes,there's one on the way to Punta Arabi,opposite cafe/bar Extremadura. (who do a fine plate of sardines imo)
many thanks woodruffe, not too far from my hotel,thats great.
what part of the great county are you from??:D
just down the road ilkeston -derbyshire.say last time i bought fags from es cana.it was only a small area they had in a big shop selling fags.so you may have to order them.in playa den bossa they ask you to place a order instead of going in last day to buy them.thats the big mistake.leaving it till last day.it would be best to get the bus to santa eulalia which is just down the road 5 mins.has you enter s/e you will see 2 islands ok.if you can try to carry on this road straight on.on the right is a big fag shop.that does deals.ie free gifts wrapped to boxes.plus they have a much bigger stock.now what time of year are you going out.as in may/june stocks are low and in late sept and oct.or check this site out.for another shop

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The shop woody suggested is nearer to your hotel,but sounds like it might not have a lot of stock at all times.
The one I mentioned is a dedicated Tabac,packed floor to ceiling with the evil weed,and just a smattering of bottles and confectionary.
If you go down to the centre of the village,walk past the little harbour (don't blink) continue on this road,slightly uphill a couple of hundred yards the Tabac is on your left.
If you find yourself in a 'simpsons' type bar you have just passed it.

Good luck..:)
going in may/june.will have a look round.stayed in sta eulalia before.got a full week to get my goodies,thanks to both of you for the advice,greatly appreciated:D