Fade To Grey


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Does anyone know the name of that tune that has the 'Fade To Grey' backing theme but with a different vocal? Heard it at Space & Bora Bora loads of times, went down really well.

Also, I heard a blinder from the DJ who played before Hernan Cattaneo last week at Space. He was quality, playing alot of breaks in between some top notch proggressive stuff. One of the best sets I heard out there. I asked a few people but no one knew who he was! I found that some of the unknowns out there, as they really have to make an effort to get noticed, sometimes end up being better than the big names.
I agree, saw a tremendous female DJ at Pacha in June. Still trying to find out her name. She was quality, knew exactly how to work the dancefloor. She was the best DJ I saw that week. Had a brief chat with her afterwards but sadly didn't get her name. I believe she is one of the residents.

Anybody know?

DJ Soulman 8)