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What is the quickest way to upload pics on face book? :spank:I have been trying to up load different seasons of Ibiza holidays as well as other pics, I don't want to break up sets. Thanks for any help
What I do is

make a new folder in my pictures on my pc
Select all the pics I want to put on Facebook
Copy them to the new album
Select all the pics in the new album
I then use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to auto correct all pics taken outside in daylight
Resize them to 640x480 or 448x336
Go to Facebook
Create a new album
Scroll to the bottom of the page that follows
and click on Trouble uploading photos? Try the Simple Uploader.
Load your pics with that. They should load fairly quickly because you will have already resized them.
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.... also if you download the patch they offer you InstallX or something - thats a much faster option...