Holly G

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Their site is down and I want to know when the Plump DJs are playing please. Also, I have heard that Sasha's playing there in January - does anyone know when?

Cheers! :D
Yeah, The Plumps are on the NYE billing, but dunno if I'd pay 35 notes for that!

I would however, when there's also Scratch Perverts, Hybrid and the Massive Ali B (the man who puts on Air @ Rythm Factory) all hosting Room 2.

Not to mention the prospect of Room 3, with the cut's and scratches of Deadly Avenger and The Mixologists. Oh and Joe 'Gansta' Ransom's there somewhere.

Which is why I'm going.

There's also Andrew Weatherall, Craig Richards, Terry Francis and Tom Middleton in another room in the building- if yer bovered.

If you wanna see the Plumps, without the cost, they'll be popping up at Fabric quite often, so just keep yer eyes peeled.