Fabric 14: Stacey Pullen


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i'm loving the new cd cover designs

1.Cutlab - Spacey Bongo (Black Flag)
2.BB Boogie - I Got It (Bitasweet Records)
3.Vibe Residents - The DJs Calling EP/Rulers Anthem (Defected)
4.Shuffle Heads - Roll Call [Asads Silverlining Mix] (Fremont)
5.Pure Science - Get It Back (Black Flag)
6.Peace Division - Beatz and Peacez (NRK)
7.Magoo - Slips, Trips & Falls (Cross Section)
8.Niquid - Saxaphobia (Defected)
9.Moodyman - Music People (Mahogani)
10.Men With Sticks - 3rd (JBO)
11.DIY - EP #2 Hold On (DIY)
12.Tabass Nocturn - The Drum (Denote)
13.Dave Angel - Catch 2 (Rotation)
14.Solid Groove - Flookin’ (Lounging)

Detroit-legend Stacey Pullen is in charge of mixing Fabric's 14th release in the main series.

He starts his set with a lot of drums in Cutlab's Spacey Bongo. The track is filled with them but the mood is mellow thanks to the deep house harmonies. The next two tracks continue with the same vibe (Vibe Resident' Rulers Anthem even has the these days a bit too usual deep male growling about deep house).

4th track, the Asad remix of Shuffle Heads 'Roll Call picks the pace a bit with more of a techy house vibe and following it Pure Science's Get it Back is pure tech house goodness.

With Peace Division's Beatz and Peacez the mix gets a bit deeper and darker and Pullen puts maybe a bit too many mainly deep tech tracks that seem to mostly consist of just drum loops.

DIY's Hold on finally pulls the mix back to the surface with some really nice Detroit-techno sounds and following Tabass Nocturn's The Drum is almost a hands in the air number (not in a cheesy way mind). Then Dave Angel does his business again with Catch 2 and the mix is closed with Solid Groove's brilliant Flookin' track that has some really nice jacking jazzy beats. Great closing number.

i'm deffo getting my copy tomorrow ;)
Already got my copy and it owns!

I heard Pullen a few months ago in a local superclub, but this album is much better than the live set he played back then! :eek:
superb album!

great drums, housey, deep, dirty, techy stuff! quality quality music! heard this 'type' of sound on the terrace last year!

ok, its got few 'commercial' labels like defected, but to be honest they do not sound very defectedy.

Robo said:
6.Peace Division - Beatz and Peacez (NRK)

sorry to keep blowing my own trumpet, but how good is this song...heard it soo many times on the terrrace.

space get this man to play on a sunday night ;)