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Who's the main DJ of the night who starts to spin an exciting record to 5000 completely peaking clubbers packed on the terrace...

... lets the tune go through its groove...

... lets it run out to silence (except for the shouting of 5000 people)...

... after a while gives another one to the 'vice DJ' to put on ...

... lets it run out to silence (except for much more shouting) ..

... looks COMPLETELY OUT OF IT while the 'vice DJ' looks COMPLETELY EMBARRASSED and puts on some record with effort ...

... starts to jump up and down while the vice DJ tries hard to maintain his cool ...

... goes to hug people and give out his records while the vice DJ desperately tries to mix records he has no clue of ...

... disappears completely, missing 3.5 hours of his set, the main one for the night people paid 50 euros each for?

Yes, that's MR LAURENT GARNIER from Paris,


Space Terrace, 23.9.2002, 21:00

I've been clubbing at least once a week for more than 12 years and have NEVER seen this! I mean, the DJs can sometimes be very out of it but always they've managed to play the records somehow.

What does one have to do to get in that kind of state, I'm not sure if 5 Es and a gram of K is enough? Please tell us Mr Garnier, the clubbers who pay your salary have a right to know! :?:
I suppose it would have been mildly amusing had you not just spent 50 euros. I remember hearing of a 'well known Glasgow dj' who got so out of it one night at an after party that he decided it'd be a bit of a laugh to smash his records on the road.

My flight was on Saturday so I was gutted to be missing the closing party for We Love Sundays at Space, especially as I hadn't made one yet-sounds as though I didn't miss too much!
Are you sure? I was there, and heard one pretty dodgy mix, and that's it. There were 20 in our party, including one big-name DJ, and nobody noticed anything like that. And we're usually pretty critical.
:lol: :lol:

Nice one! Perhaps this could be a new topic-best (or worst) trips in clubs.

When I was at Subliminal Sessions at Pacha, I began tripping that the Subliminal logo was actually the badge of Swindon Town Football Club. At which point, I turned around to my boyfriend and said "Swindon are a banana-skin fixture for Manchester City (our team)"

To say he was a little shocked would be an understatement.
have to agree with beach babe on that one. i didnt notice anything like that either. im certain my faculties were in some semblance of order and cant recall it.

The only f***up that day i recall was johnathan ulysees who got his biggest cheer of the day and smiled and laughed his loudest when he mis-mixed earlier in the afternoon. he shrugged his shoulders, did a cod gurn fance, the crowd cheered some more and got back to grooving.

actually, it was one of the highlights of the day.
kitten's head said:
When I was at Subliminal Sessions at Pacha, I began tripping that the Subliminal logo was actually the badge of Swindon Town Football Club. At which point, I turned around to my boyfriend and said "Swindon are a banana-skin fixture for Manchester City (our team)"

:lol: :lol:

That's a cracker! Pilled up randomness is funny
have to say I was there too and didnt notice it but i was in a bit of a state myself and had some funny randomness that night too!!!
Hello All!

I am new on this site. Just thought I would add a few things on the whole f???ed up DJ topic. I never could personally understand how a DJ could spin totally ripped. Last weekend I tried to spin while trashed and I did OK for the first hour, but after that I thought I had a mix on not realizing that the other record wasn't even playing! Now that is a real tragedy in it self! :rolleyes: HE! HE! Thank god I was only playing for my friends at home!

I think a lot of these DJ's have their moments of f??? ups or drug/drunken induced sets. Hell, I saw Sasha and Digweed at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco once and Sasha was completely off his gord. He had to sit on the floor with his head between his legs for the first hour or so while Digweed played. Eventually, he jumped up, shook his head and played one of the best sets I have ever had the privilege to hear and see!

So, I can understand the difficulty they must be going through while trying to play a set for thousands of fans let alone trying to do it while being completely trashed. However, when they start acting like a complete buffoon and running out records that is another story! Oh, well! :D
No, not a PC prgramme. Just my turntables. I have been trying to learn how to spin for the past 7 months. It is going well so far except for the one time I mentioned previously. HE! HE! I lean towards house music mainly Progressive house. I love dirty yet funky sounding house that is occasionaly dark sounding as well. However, I would love to spin deep house or funky house as well, but I find it so difficult these days to find quality depp and funky house records that don't have some stupid vocal or cheesy sound. Although, someday I would love to incorporate my PC and learn how to write music, reord music and master music. :D
Hey susie,

How r u, welcome to this site, i'm sure you'll find it very helpful and the people on hear are very friendly.

WOW ur learing to dj, i would love to be able to do dj, it must be sooo cool, some of my mates dj, and its wikid!!!

I have been listening to electronic music for 6 years now. About 3 years ago I decided that I wanted to learn how to spin and take my love for the music to the next level. Well, I finally bought my own equipment around 7 months ago and I have been learning ever since. I had no previous musical background (ie: playing piano etc...), so it has been a rough 7 months at times. However, I feel a real passion for the music and everyday I learn new things about the equipment and how things work. I am having the best time of my life learning and I can't wait until I get really good at it. My main goal is to be able to play really well for my friends at our house parties. Eventually, I would love to play out at clubs. However, I can't stand the electronic music scene where I live (it's filled with fake out of touch people). :rolleyes: Oh, well! Anyways, my ultimate goal is to go to audio engineering school and also learning how to write my own music. It's a long road to that, but music is my life and my passion so I have to do it! I basically would love to live the jet set life making music and making people happy! Oh, but wouldn't we all???? You should try to learn as well. It's sooooooooo much fun!:D
i really would love to but i don't know about where you live but here, the equipment is quite expensive, and that is the only factor stopping me at the moment, i know it shouldn't do, but it does!!