F*** me I am famous

Bought mine in the Pacha shop en San Antonio but I don't know where you can get them online, if you do find out please let me know
What is this night about anyway?
I went to it August 15th, and it was fun and all.
Alot of french people in there, it was a french DJ though.

They gave me one of those necklaces that say F*** me i am famous though!

Is this a french thing or just a pacha thing?
Hey that's my token of rememberance!!

But I got two so I'll just give you one!!

No one has answered my question though, what is this night all about?
Cheers Crystal.

Its the name of Guetta's night. some quality funky tunes get played there -as u know ;)

while i was having my dinner.

top of the pops was on and when they were running down the charts and this song was shown and the video was of pacha going mad.
i think the video for a little more love was shot in ibiza, and it shows you clips of pacha etc...