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Whats the chances of sneaking an extra person into an apartment for a week if they book flight only. the apartment is supposed to sleep three adults/one child and there are 3 full paying adults going for 2 weeks.

anyone ever do this and get caught? what happened?
People do it, although I haven't - but you must unbderstand that if the owners find out they won't hesitate in throwing the lot of you out! The ibizan people are chilled out but when they get mad.....
We did it in malia a couple of years back, even managed to sneak him on our coach to and from the airport.

However we got friendly with the owner and after a few days he sussed out there was someone extra there so in the end he just charge him £40 for a week, which wasnt bad at all.

Wouldnt have thought it would be that different in Ibiza.
Cheers for the Advice, we would only be too glad to pay the extra but the travel agent insisted they wouldn't let 4 adults stay in the one room as its only supposed to sleep 3 adults/1 child and it was costing a fortune in suppliments to book 2 'underoccupied' rooms. The 'extra' guest is only going for 1 of our two weeks so it might be worth 'chatting nice' to the hotel and paying them a bit extra when we get there.
Shite... now I'm worried. We booked an apartment that sleeps 4 but we only put down for 2... If you just stay quiet and don't let them get suspicious, how hard would it be?? I'd gladly pay the extra if they found us, but I messed up the bookings.
:lol:Last august We were 3 boys 4 a room with 2 beds and it doesn't prevent the third one to sleep on the balconet & eat at the restaurant (they stick to number of your room or key)