Expert advise anyone?


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Hey, how you doing? I thought logging on to this wesbite might help but believe me it has not. There seems like so much do but ofcourse we have time restrictions and another small thing called money ;) I need a huge favour from any Ibiza enthusiasts.

Right, basically me and a couple of friends are going to Ibiza from the 30th Sept to Oct the 5th (short trip I know and a little late too). Can anyone suggest us what to do in those 5 days? Ofcourse we need to see the clubs and beaches, but could anyone name a few MUST SEE places. We do plan to go out to clubs most nights but would also like to see Ibiza for its natural beauty through the day. Like everyone else, we too want to take back the most of Ibiza in the time given.

We're staying at the Marina Palace Apartments, Calle Es Calo, 106, SAN ANTONIO BAY, Baleares, Spain. Needless to say, we have absolutely no idea where that is. We do not know how far it is from the fun places, good ol' cheap bars, fancy clubs, nothing. I do not mean to sound very greedy, but ideally I would hope for someone to chalk out a five day itenary for us :)

All suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading folks. Hope to see you all in Ibiza.

Rajiv Sobhani.
Basic 2 minute guide to the Island's main (no offence to those staying in Portinatx, San Jose etc. ;) ) resorts / towns.

Platja D'en Bossa is to the East, next to Ibiza Town (Eivissa) and the airport.
There you have Space and Bora Bora Beach. In Eivissa itself you have Pacha and El Divino plus a very vibrant night time 'scene' with loads of bars, restaurants and lots of narrow streets with cool shops. Also worth checking out the old town (D'Alt Villa), especially at night as there are som really good restaurants.

On the West side you have St Antoni (Brits call it San Antonio). which has the 'sunset strip' with Cafe Del Mar, Cafe Mambo, Savannah etc. overlooking the bay. Further round the bay in Calo Des Moro there is Coastline, a bar/restaurant/poolside and Kanya which is similar (ish) but has been rebuilt since I was last there.

In St Antoni there are also the clubs of Eden and Es Paradis, plus several warm up bars like Itaca, Orange Corner etc. If you are staying in St Antoni Bay they these are the bars you will first come across as you walk round (about 40 mins) into St Antoni. There is also a water taxi across, bus and usual taxi which won't cost that much if you want to get there quickly. 'The Bay' is more family orientated but not exclusively as many package firms sell accomodation in this area and there are a number of bars in the Bay.

Sitting in between Eivissa and St Antoni, on the main East to West road are Privilege and Amnseisa. DO NOT attempt to walk to or from these clubs as the roads are dangerous (and it's a fookin long way!!) :lol: .

Link to zoom in maps:

Clubbing wise, look at the clubbing calendar on this site, then search for the nights you are interested in on here, or even Youtube to get a feeling for the style and see if they suit your taste.

Have a great one - Hope this helps in some way. 8)
Just to add, Rajiv & co Hotel/apts seems to be right at the end of the Bay,very near Sirenis Seaview complex,just beyond there, nice small beach,Port D'es Torrent,very nice if not crowded. For a bigger better beach, hike on to Calla Bassa.
If you don't have a car then you will prob want to get the bus into San An,then on from the bus station to wherever!.....or the cure for most problems...TAXI.

btw, the disco bus runs past this place !
Hey hows it going? Thanks very much for your help. Ive made wee notes to take with myself :) Im only a week away now!! Anyway, thanks again :)