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Hey, how you doing? I thought logging on to this wesbite might help but believe me it has not. There seems like so much do but ofcourse we have time restrictions and another small thing called money ;) I need a huge favour from any Ibiza enthusiasts.

Right, basically me and a couple of friends are going to Ibiza from the 30th Sept to Oct the 5th (short trip I know and a little late too). Can anyone suggest us what to do in those 5 days? Ofcourse we need to see the clubs and beaches, but could anyone name a few MUST SEE places. We do plan to go out to clubs most nights but would also like to see Ibiza for its natural beauty through the day. Like everyone else, we too want to take back the most of Ibiza in the time given.

We're staying at the Marina Palace Apartments, Calle Es Calo, 106, SAN ANTONIO BAY, Baleares, Spain. Needless to say, we have absolutely no idea where that is. We do not know how far it is from the fun places, good ol' cheap bars, fancy clubs, nothing. I do not mean to sound very greedy, but ideally I would hope for someone to chalk out a five day itenary for us :)

All suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading folks. Hope to see you all in Ibiza.

Rajiv Sobhani.
No matter what you do you need to see the sunset - its what Ibiza is all about and is amazing!!!!

You can find some good cheap bars in the West End - just look out for the PR´s as they can get you some cheap drinks/free shots!!!

Have a great time.
Calle Es Calo is basically the main street of San An Bay. It's full of bars and restaurants and all the other tourist stuff. You can get the water taxi over to San An itself for about €3 where you will find the West End and all that that entails, it takes about 10 minutes. You get a good view of the sunset from Kumahra's which will be nearby as well.

You can get the bus to a few of the better beaches easily from here as well. Can't help with the club thing, don't know nothing about them.
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Have a look at the Party Calendar on this site for the club nights that are on during your stay. You will be able to walk to Eden or Es Paradise but will need a taxi to all the other clubs. Most of the parties at this time of the season will now be closing parties. There are a few descent beaches close by or you can take a boat or taxi to Cala Bassa or Cala Conte which are probably nicer beaches.

Plenty of nice restaurants in the area and decent bars within walking distance.

Give the West End a try, either for shopping during the day, or food & drink at night.

Also jump a taxi over (or walk the prom) to the Sunset Strip bars.

Also you could jump a taxi over to Ibiza town (circa 30 Euros) for a change of scenery.

Hope you enjoy your holiday.
Just had a look at a map, your hotel is at the Port Des Torrent end of the bay. Its probably a 45 minute walk into San An. But there are plently of bars and restaurants around that area.

Have you thought about hiring a car? We only paid about £80 for a week and collected/dropped it off at the airport. You will get to see more of the island if you hire a car.
Hey hows it going? Thanks very much for your help. Kingfisher, thanks for the advice, I think we will look into hiring a car most definetely. We probably wont drive at night coz of drunk driving but it will help loads for the days. I'll be making notes of all the suggestions made by everyone and try to squeeze in as much as I can. I leave in a week so any more suggestions are welcome too. Thanks again :)

And by the way, is anyone else going to be there around that time?
Must See easy to get to places;

Dalt Villa - Eivissa - take the bus. Amble about the whole day. Go at night for dinner at say 10pm, see harbour and all the wierd stuff going on. You will want to go again.

Benirras Beach (Beach), daytime is cool but evenings are great too.

Cala Jondal (Stony Beach) -Yemanji & Blue Marlin - chilled

Ses Salines (Beach)- Sa Trinxa, Guarana, Jockey Club, Malibu - or Cap Des Falco. See carves stomes, tower, beach spectacles! Great tunes.

Es Vedra - some beaches along that coast look onto it but top viewpoint with a tower is best if a little tricky to find the way to.

Yes Sunset - try Kumharas for dinner (just get in a taxi), check sunset time online - not so much a throng as Cafe Del Mar, Mambo etc.
At that time of year, keep a look out for the PR's giving away coloured bracelets for free or cheaper entry to the club nights.

Please dont be tempted to drink/drive if you do get a car as the law on Ibiza is more strict than in the UK.

Have your drinks before your get to the Club, because once in the club they are about 2 or 3 times the price.
If you DO get freebies or discount band check teh tiem limits on them you may have to be in before 2 , late and you will be singed for full price, so if you are late pick up tickets outside.
catching sunset @ Cala Salada definitely made my trip this year; and its not that far from San An via car. another good one was dinner @ the orange corner with some good tunes and another gr8 sunset. there's so much to do, it's hard to plan. you should just play it by ear once you touch down.

have a rockin' time.