Experienced door supervisor



Hi my name is Graham Lewis and I am looking for door work in Ibiza for the entire 2004 sumnmer season. I understand people are currently looking for for an immediate start, am looking for more of a"give us a shout in may response"

I have over four years experience in the field of security, most notably six months at the prestigious Millennium complex in Plymouth, UK. This was a 3000 capacity, plc owned venue that demanded exceedingly high standards from its door staff. I have a letter of recommendation from the head of security at that venue. I have also worked at various pubs, clubs, music gigs, public events and private functions in a security context. I will also be employed in a security context in austrailia this coming winter and am hoping to add too my repetoire of skills and experience.

I held the door supervisors licence in the UK, I will soon hold an ausrailian equilvilant. I have also completed additional courses in first aid, fire safety, drug awareness, conflict management and restraint techniques. In addition, I hold an honors degree in psychology and am a licenced Ju- Jitsu instructor. Both of these attributes have proved useful in the past.

In addition to these qualifications, I consider myself to be a competent, dependable and professional doorman. I conduct myself in a polite, approachable, and courteous manner. I enjoy working as part of an effective team and always prefer to deal with situations diplomatically.

If you feel that I would be a useful addition to the team at your club. Please do not hesitate to contact me at grahamsensei@yahoo.com and we can discuss this matter further.Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to reading your response.

Yours faithfully,

Graham Lewis 8)

PS. I also have further letters of recommendations and copies of qualifications. Should you wish to see them I would be willing to forward them to you