Experienced clubbers, where do I go?



I'm going to be in Ibiza for the first time for a weekend this summer (I know that's not long enough, but that's all the time I got). I'm arriving on Friday 11 July at around 12:00, and leaving Sunday 13 July at around 17:00. What clubs should I go to? I saw the party schedule, but I really don't know what any of it means. Also, any advice on what hotels to stay at, or where to eat?

Thanks :D

Rick, depends on what you want to hear. Trance: Amnesia, Privelege, Eden. House: El Devino, Pacha, Space, Es Paradis (mixture of things there actually)
For food, sunset: anything on the sunset strip will do, San An.
For party: any of the 7 biggest clubs - DONT go to the west-end, sucks bigtime during the evenings.
Pure Pacha on Fridays, Defmix on Saturdays both at Pacha. Pity you can't put your flight back til later cos you're going to miss out on We Love Sundays @ Space.
Yes its really hard to give you much advice Rick as we don't know what music you like.
Let us know what you are in to and then we could help a bit more.
for hotels and resturaunts check out the website as there is loads of info about such things
Choosing a hotel can depend on where you want to drink and party, then you can save on expensive taxi fares.
I'd reccomend for hotels either Playa den Bossa or figueretas.
they are nr the nice clubs and bars.
If you are looking for cheap drinks e.t.c then San Antonio would be better, there are clubs and bars but in my opinion they arn't up to much
Thanks for the advice so far :D I listen to all sorts of music. I don't really know what they play in Ibiza other than Trance (I know there's about a thousand different styles, but as you can probably tell I've been to too many Hip-Hop and rap clubs :confused: )...I'm just looking for the best parties on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning, regardless of what they're playing. Do parties go on during the afternoon on Friday and Sunday? Also, has anyone been to the water party? There's going to be one going on while I'm there, I was wondering if I should go.

Thanks :D
I'd say for fri go to pacha for the 30th birthday party. pacha is a nice club and the 30th birthday party celebrations should be good. Its a House night.
On Sat i'd say either Retro@Eden they play tunes from the past 10 years all sorts of club classics. Or try Ibiza Feeling at Amnesia, Amnesia is a great place and has the most amazing smoke machine.
On Sun you should definitely go to Space. Things start at about 12:00 in the afternoon and go through to 6:00 the next morning. 50% an outdoor venue and 50% an indoor venue. Outside its house and inside its harder house and trance.
The water party's are at Es paradis but I don't think they are that good.
They are a bit messy, but you might like it. The music will be a mixture of trance and house and a bit commercial.
Hope thats good enuff