exchange rates please


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can any1 tell me what the exchange rate is over in ibiza so i no weather to get most of my money changed over here or wait to i get to ibiza
Open a nationwide account and use the hole in the Ibizian wall.

About the best rates you can get and no commision.

best card out only takes less than 10 days to sort out.if you do get one just take say 50 euro for first day to cover its safer anf like said you will get a far better all adds up
Is this the Nationwide debit card or credit? I have the credit card and knew it was good to use in shops as they gave you the best rate but thought it charged to withdraw cash.
Generally, with any credit or debit card you're getting a decent exchange rate. The rates are usually set by Visa or Mastercard/Eurocard.

I know Nationwide advertises this best rate thing... I've yet to figure what they do differently since their cards must work on some system (i.e. Visa/Visa Electron or MasterCard/Eurocard/Maestro!)

The only thing to check is if your bank charges a hidden currency exchange fee (my US credit cards do... 0.03%.. my US and Russian debit cards don't)

Also, make sure the cashiers at points of sale charge you in Euros. Some points of sale (La Sirena stores in Playa den Bossa, for example) have an option to put the charge through in your local currency. All they're doing, however, is giving you their bank's inflated exchange rate.