Exchange Rate "La Sirena"


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Hi, im off to San Antonio for the fourth year running in 2 weeks and was wondering if anyone know's what the rate is in the La Sirena shops?

Every year we come over we notice much better rates in these shops but sadly dont bring much in the way of GBP so never benefit from it, but this year we may just bring GBP and get it changed up their (obviously with a few Euros for when we arrive)

Any one know if its still good in comparission to the Beuro de change???

Just use a Nationwide debit card in cash machines in Ibiza, it is the best rate bar none.

No commission or fees and it is the actual daily exchange rate, not some cut price one that places who advertise as 0% commission have i.e M&S, Thomas Cook etc. etc.

might be a little bit short notice to sort that out now, still interested to find out what the rate is in the sirena shops as every year we have been so far its always been as good as if not better than the actual exchange rate.
even last year i think we got something like 1.21 in the uk, it was up to 1.19 in some beuro's in ibiza but was about 1.26 in la sirena.
steve double check you info on that card.its only outside eu places.

card takes less than a week to sort out and set up

qoute from a person who works for nationwide

hi just to tie up the confusion with Nationwide cards/charges,I actually work for nationwide.From 1st june 09 there will be a 1%visa fee added to holders(blue cards only & (credit cards-6th may) only outside the eu,we have not heard as yet about any charges in the eu.Blue flex card is a visa debit card,purple/red card is a cash card only this also can be used abroad but is free anywhere as the transations are via cirrus not visa,the cash card can only be used at cirrus atm machines.On all nationwide cards you will still get the commercial rate which means more in your pocket!Hope this has helped a little.
appy polly logies. i heard something on the news and thought it meant all territories.
La sirena

I popped in and they were offering 1.12 yesterday in la sirena...

If you have a plus account with hsbc they dont charge commision for cash point withdrawals in ibiza.....
Yeah, Nationwide debit card does not have any charge if used in the EU.

Current rate today on X-Rates is £1 = €1.17054

I'm almost certain La Sirena would offer you a worse rate if you popped in today.

Anyone in Ibiza able to compare? I might be heading back in August so I wouldn't mind finding out.