Well it is what was the Uefa cup - old as the moon, teams certainly vie to get in it and there are some big names, Ajax, Roma for instance - and they do take it first 11 seriously.

However as it is with most football at the top level, it if just a medium of transfering money from the football fan to already wealthy individuals!

Football is not all bad though, read this:

I have the champion league. I didn't know they changed uaefa cup to Europaleague. I thought my cable company was just trying tosuck money out of me.:spank::oops:
It does help the smaller clubs get some experience of playing football in Europe, but it doesnt have the glamour of the Champions League.

There have been significant changes from the old format to try and re-brand the concept and more exiting teams from the Champions League will get a chance to play in the later stages this year.

Qualification through the Intertoto Cup system is now gone, to be replaced by the "Fair Play" Wining teams.

The Final is usually an exciting game with lots of Goal Scoring. It was where Jose Mourinho first made a name for himself when he won it with Porto back in 2003 beating Celtic in a great match 3-2.