Euphoria @ Eden (27/6/03)



Been to Eden a few times and we fancied a commercial, fun and cheap night which is exactly what we got. After being at Mambo for the Pete Tong Pure Pacha pre-party i was kinda wiching we were going there, but Eden turned out to be pretty good. Ticket was pretty cheap IIRC and included a free drink of your choice (note: Red Bull in Eden is not real Red Bull, but tastes the same :))

The warm up guy (god knwo who!!) was ok, stole a few of the tunes i was hoping Dave Pearce would play later once it really got going tho which was annoying. Pearce came on abotu 2.30am i think it was and played his usual kinda stuff, pretty good and good fun, even if its not the best mixing ive heard ;) Played a few classic too like Mauro Picotto - Lizard, and PVD - For an Angel, and so it was good to hear some old tunes for a change too. Was farily busy but unfotunately felt a VERY British style night (could have been at any club back home really) with the music and a large proportion of beer boys and general idiots!! who all seemed ot leave by about 3am tho :) Got very quiet by about 5am tho which was disappointing, esp after the Pacha crowd had been loving Subliminal up until 7am with no signs of flagging!!

a good fun night none-the-less, and def a nice quiet night really as dont have to stray too far from San An, and its cheap and cheerful......maybe go to Pacha tho if you ahev the energy and the money, sure the tunes will be better there
great review badass!

there's so much more to the club scene than pacha - so nice to see you out and about :)